Consider 10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas

Consider 10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas

is fast becoming the IT trend, which also finds its way into the kitchen area. One way to quickly and seamlessly add the trend is to have a rustic kitchen island. Kitchen islands are huge because they are versatile and adapt to different color schemes. With that said, adding a rustic kitchen island can be the upgrade of your kitchen. Here are a few rustic kitchen island ideas that you should keep in mind.


10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
If you do not like a rustic kitchen but want a rustic element in the kitchen, use simple wooden stools. In this way, the farmhouse is brought into a modern area with little or no effort. If you choose a wood floor, you should put it together for a modern look.

Marble is a staple in the kitchen. However, if you want to paint rustic marble, combine it with a wooden base or in a rustic area for the touch of modernity. Complement your look with chic stools or wooden stools and feel classically rustic.


10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
A completely white kitchen can be rustic, the key is a touch of country for that classic charm. If you use a white kitchen island with a few hints of wood, you will get that chic charm. Consider using a kitchen island with a floor for this turn of the farmhouse .

A completely white kitchen island is perfect to give the kitchen a modern rustic feel. The white appears crisp and clean, while it is still rustic. The key to this is the combination with wooden stools, they go well with the softness of the white island.


10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
If you are looking for the classic farmhouse, a stone kitchen island is the way to go. Stone is classic, sleek and simple, providing the perfect layout for all the other rustic items you want to put into the room. The key is to work with similar wood shades to provide that contiguous look.

Because of its versatility, stone is a wonderful element for decorating. Stone comes in a variety of shades, which is perfect if you want to add a rustic look that is good for your kitchen. Choose darker shades of gray, tan and brown for the organic-rustic look.

Custom island

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
If you decide to adapt your kitchen island to something you like, you can create the perfect island for you. The options are unlimited, you can add a small winery or new cabinets that expand the space. You can even add secret subjects to help you organize.

If you have a small kitchen, you may think that the kitchen does not have enough room for an island, but in reality there is always enough room for an island. The key is creating a custom island that works for you. Choose a wood that works well in your kitchen and you are good to go.

Vintage touch

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
A large kitchen island, which is also vintage, will make the room richer in farmhouse decor. There is something very “grandma’s house” feeling that makes the house feel a little more comfortable, which is always nice. Combine it with classic barstools to complete the look.

Do you remember the big square wooden tables that your grandmother used? Consider adding it to your kitchen as a rustic island for a vintage touch that gives the area a cozy feel. You can consider this option if you have a large kitchen that needs “something extra”.

Deep wood

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
Darkwood is great because it’s elegant, but still brave and dominating the room. The idea is to make the dark shades a focal point in the kitchen area. Combine them with dark stools for a complete composite look. Darkwood works best with beige or camel tones.

Wood is always great if you want to add a rustic atmosphere. However, the color of wood you use will make a big difference. Use darker, more saturated wood for a classic sophisticated look that will match any decor. It is also very trendy.

Add color

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
Blue is a nice color for a rustic kitchen because it just flows well. There’s something about the brown undertones in the color blue that just brings life into a rustic, richer kitchen. The combination of color in any kitchen is always a good idea, but the combination of color in a rustic kitchen will bring it to life.

If you’ve always wanted to give your kitchen a splash of color, your kitchen island is the perfect way to do so. The key is vibrant colors of blue, yellow, green or even red. These colors work well in a neutral space and at the same time light up the space.

concrete counters

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
Concrete is modern and gives the room a nice contrast between classic-rustic space and modern design. The modern piece brings the highlights in the wooden floor of the kitchen island to light. Combine it with modern chairs for the best result.

Most people like concrete and others do not. If you are a concrete lover, adding a concrete countertop can be just what you need for a contemporary feel in your kitchen. The idea is to have a smooth concrete worktop paired with a wood base for the perfect farmhouse appeal.

delivery block

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
Shiplap is the perfect definition of the wood structure. Good natural has texture, but shiplap is unkempt wood that provides all the groves and lines that are naturally in wooden pieces. This adds texture and complexity to the kitchen island. Use industrial stools to work in the texture of the overhang.

It’s never a rustic decor option to mention without shipwreck. Shiplap has the perfect rustic touch, but is still complicated and gives the kitchen texture. It also comes in several different shades and it gives you the opportunity to avoid it because of its structure.

Thick wooden island

10 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideen zu berücksichtigen
If you think something is missing in your kitchen, a larger kitchen island could be just what you need for a cozy atmosphere. The bold statement is to take over the kitchen in the best possible way. This is a great way to add cabinets and other areas that expand the space.

A big and bold statement piece can be exactly what you need to give your kitchen a focal point. Having a focal point can bring everything together in your kitchen. The idea is that the thick wooden island is in the center and everything else remains minimal.


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