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Conveniently install basement windows and gain more light in the room

cellar window install curtain

Master the wrong basement window quickly and cheaply

If you are looking for a rented apartment, the lower floor apartments are usually cheaper, which of course is a cause for joy. Behind the low rental price, however, hide a number of disadvantages and inconveniences, which are crucial to consider when choosing the apartment.


If you rent a basement apartment, you should expect a cold floor, noise from cars and passers-by, mildew and last but not least light.

Create the illusion for a real basement window

cellar window-install-curtain-tube Lamp-frame jalousie

This was the reality until recently. In the world of social media, the clever idea of ​​an American couple has been spinning for some days now, which seems to have solved the problem of daylight in a very original, simple and favorable way.

Venetian blinds provide magical lighting effects

cellar windows install curtain tubular lamps floral frame

Do you also know this problem or would you just like to install an additional basement window? With the following example you will get a permanent, satisfactory and above all favorable solution for your basement apartment or your basement. The total cost of the “fake window” is around 150 € and if you hang a curtain in front of the window, no one will be able to see that the fabric does not allow any real daylight to get through.

It can lead to real confusions

basement windows incorporate curtain tube lamps frames without ornaments


Drive quickly to the hardware store and get 2 x 4 acrylic sheets in the desired size, 2 LED tube lights (depending on your needs), glue and cornstarch.

With simple means, you can bring the wrong window to completion

basement window curtain wall lamp frame cornstarch

The cornstarch is spread over the acrylic sheet and glued to reflect and scatter the direct light from the LED tube lamps. The effect is all the more credible if you provide the window with curtains in light shade or cheerful design. In some of the examples, we see that a shutter on the new window looks just as good as the curtain. So, then, look for something that suits your taste, which serves as a “privacy screen”.

For the purpose you need acrylic sheets

basement windows install curtain tube lamps frame

Before-after – hard to believe

install cellar window

Behind the glass position the LED tube lamps

basement windows install curtain tube lights

Behind the curtain, the secret is revealed

cellar windows install curtain tube lamps frame the secret

We hope to have helped you well again and that your work has been successful! Continue reading the blog and see you next time!

And another inspirational video for even better results:

Step by step master a fake window


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