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Cool kids room roof pitch – creating a private space

girl nursery pitch

Nursery roof pitch – design ideas

Many people do not know what to make of a room with a sloping roof.

You have children who want to slowly their private place? What are you saying about To turn your attic room into a nursery?

Small bedroom for little child

Roof pitch as a nursery for your child

Your kids would find this a good idea as the attic reminds of a tree house.

Depending on how big your room is with sloping roof, you have different design options.

We give you some ideas as inspiration.

The ideals of space distribution

Make children's room pitch


Try to organize the nursery as practically as possible so that you can integrate a desk. Your child needs one s comfortable place to the L ernen.

Nursery with sufficient travel

children's room pitch for small children

Remember to leave enough playground in order to Your child can let off steam. If you do not have enough space then you can design a very small play area in the room to delight your child.

Walk-in closet for more order

children's room with walk-in wardrobe

Integrate cabinets and shelves. A walk-in closet will be ok for more order m Nursery care.

Colorful design

nursery roof pitch organize

Children do not like tidying up, but they love to mess around. With boxes and boxes you create a lot of storage space and everything looks nice and tidy.

Nursery for your two children

distribute children's roof pitch

If you have a boy and a girl, divide the room into each one s from the children has its place. The easiest way to do this is to paint each half of the room in different colors.

Green ambience

children's room pitched boy

Ask your child about his preferences. Which color would like it for the room and maybe it has special requests. It is important that s Your child is in his Room feels good.

Comfortable cot

comfortable bed for children's room

Colorful wallpapers

colorful childrens room bevel

Interesting light

cozy children's room under the pitch

Spacious children’s room with great seat cushions

spacious room with sloping roof as a children's room

Cool bunk beds

bunk beds children's room pitch

The ideal room for a boy

boy nursery pitch

Roman blinds for the sloping roof windows

Children's room pitch for their boys

Great idea

Children's room pitch for two children

Bench by the window

children's room pitched design

Hide the bed through white curtains

children's room pitch for girls

For the unexpected visit

pitch in the nursery

A ladder for climbing

nursery-roof slant-to-desk

Is not that a great design idea?

exuberant children's room with sloping roof

Yellow curtain as a bed curtain

nursery room with canopy

Sky blue blanket

children's room design ideas

Typical girl room

Decorate children's room with a favorite color

Cool playhouse

children's room with room to play

Movie heroes decoration

little girl nursery

Enough bookshelves

shelves for children's rooms with sloping roof

Great children’s motives

cartoon characters for the kids room

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