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Cool kitchen trends that take 2019 by storm

Cool kitchen trends that take 2019 by storm

Whether you want to upgrade your interior or bring your tired colors back to life, now is the time to create your dream kitchen. Kitchen designs for 2018 come strong because they bring something completely different to the table. From material to color, to attractiveness and aesthetics, the changes are courageous. Here are the trends that are taking 2018 by storm.

Fat, bright color

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
A colorful touch means adding your own personality to your space . If you are cheerful and funny, you should choose bold colors in yellow, blue, green and even red to showcase your personality. For a less bright room, consider darker shades that still have a punch.

Bold shades will remain mainly in the kitchen this year. This year will focus on colorful devices, splashes of color and color clashes. This trend is about giving personality to the area. The use of color in the kitchen is extremely important as different shades have different effects in each environment. Brighter shades are best for a breezy room, and darker shades are best for entertainment.


Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Bright, bright colors may not be there for everyone, but soft pastels are. The key is the way they are incorporated into your facility. You may want to incorporate the pretty pastel tones into your cabinets and / or your dining area.

Pretty pastel chalks offer a nice design benefit and are an excellent way to add fun colors without the bold influence bright shades can produce. This is perfect for those who want to add color to the kitchen without disturbing your decor. Use this option to add highlights, create features, and add a soft “wow” factor.

Multitasking Island

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
A multi-tasking kitchen island allows you to make the most of your space, no matter how big or small. It’s the perfect way to get the most from your kitchen island without adding or removing new furniture.

Most kitchen islands are dictated by the square footage of the kitchen. However, regardless of size, you can still have a multitasking island. A multitasking island is a space that you can use for cooking, as a breakfast bar or as a meeting place for your guests. The possibilities are endless.

Shelves are back

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Kitchen shelves are the ultimate way to get the most out of your kitchen walls without having cabinets. Having cabinets on the wall may seem a little out of the norm, but in fact it keeps the space modern and sleek.

Shelves used to be big in the kitchen, but they’ve taken a step back for quite some time. However, the shelves are big again this year. They are an excellent way to maximize your space without taking up much space. It offers maximum storage space with little to no effort. Add them to different layers for a unique touch.

Metallic handles

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
The door handles of the cabinets are complete, but metal handles are very in. We love the idea of ​​having handles of different sizes to open your cabinets. This brings a modern touch that is easy to reach and even easier to maintain.

Metallic handles are very IN this year. They no longer want the round, smaller buttons, but bar ends in gold, rose gold and copper shades for the rounded look. You may even want to customize your grips with your accessories for a trendy appeal.

Several ovens

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Double ovens are not only ideal as a lifesaver, as you can cook two separate meals at a time, but they are also excellent additions to any kitchen. They offer a sophisticated look and are still modern.

People are getting busier by the minute, and many are running out of time to do something where multiple ovens are useful. Several ovens are perfect for making a statement and a conversation piece. Do not stop at a double oven, consider a double dishwasher and / or a double sink.

Smart devices

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Smart appliances are the latest craze among homeowners due to their ability to make life easier. A smart device will make the room a bit more high-tech, which is always a great idea if you want this modern space. Bring it all together with other smart devices for the ultimate free touch.

The rise of smart devices is here. More and more appliances are adding cool features, including apps that include reminders, shopping lists, and more. The luxury of a smart device is absolutely trendy.

Industrial look

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Industrial decor comes in HOT! more and more homeowners are interested in this style of furnishing because of its undertone of restaurant design. It’s modern, trendy and very appealing, but there’s also a subtle sexy aesthetic that also feels like an upgrade to your grandmother’s kitchen.

The industrial kitchen is the ultimate decorative trend of the year. It’s edgy, classic, but it goes well with many different trends. Add metallic pieces to bring that classic industrial feel, and pair with darker shades to match everything.

Colors of blue

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Consider incorporating several different shades of blue in a kitchen for this beautifully mixed aesthetic . Add a daring blue kitchen island and combine it with pastel shades to make the space rounded and contemporary. Add pieces of wood to bring the entire room together.

Blue is the color of the year when it comes to cooking. From cobalt blue to pastel shades, the color comes into play. Combine with Metallic and bring everything together. The bold and dramatic color brings everything together for every style of decoration.

Gold accents

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern
Gold pieces work well with neutral tones because of their similar undertones. With similar undertones, they can mix well while drawing the golden aspect of the blond wood. Add more hints to simple colors to create a rounded space that makes sense.

Gold is a beautiful metallic, when combined with neutral shades, they work wonderfully together. Add organic texture for the classic, simple appeal that is still very much in vogue.

Which of these trends for 2018 is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

Coole Küchentrends, die 2018 im Sturm erobern


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