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Cool non-woven wallpapers that bring freshness to the living room

Farbkombinatienen on non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper for a nice living room look

You want yours em Living room miss a smart look and that should go pretty fast? The best way to do this is with wallpaper.

The wallpapers have made all the progress in recent years, especially in terms of the environment and people.

Modern living room furniture

bamboo wallpaper for living room

The latest trends these days are the fleece fabric , They are made from a special blend of natural and synthetic materials that provide a durable wall covering. This makes them even more breathable, have a vapor barrier that does not allow mold ässt, and you are tear resistant.

Today’s distribution of non-woven wallpaper offers a wide range of different patterns and colors. With the surfaces you can choose between completely smooth, coarse n Choose embossed or printed non-woven wallpaper. No matter which variant you choose, you will not make a mistake.

Rough embossed pattern in gold

gold metalic wallpaper

The non-woven wallpapers still have a significant advantage, you can stick them to your wall. It’s easy and fast. For this you need a special adhesive for fleece, which does not change its shape, against dry in the wet state. The wallpapers are applied in layers to the adhesive-coated wall.

So start your shopping spree through the stores now, soon to renew your living room with stunning wallpaper.

We give you a little taste through the pictures presented below.

Flowery wallpapers

flowers on the non-woven wallpaper

Dark wallpaper for the whole interior

dark wallpaper with pattern

White ambience

Elegant bright colors non-woven wallpapers

Subtle pattern

elegant non-woven wallpapers for living room

The wallpaper with the sofa color coordinated

colored accents in the living room

Sunny color

golden non-woven wallpaper in the living room

Green wallpapers

green colored non-woven wallpaper

A noble ambience

ambience ambience in noble art

The wallpaper makes the wall look like a stone

Imitation of stones non-woven wallpaper

Purple and silver in great color combination

purple pattern wallpaper

Luxurious decor

luxurious furnishings for living room

Modern wallpaper in gray

modern non-woven wallpapers

Mint-colored wallpaper

Mint color for the living room

This looks really luxurious

luxurious striped wallpaper

Smooth embossing pattern

modern and simple non-woven wallpapers

Black wallpaper with rough surface

black non-woven wallpaper with pattern

Colorful stripe pattern

striped pattern non-woven wallpaper

Plain and simple

wallpapers for living room in bright color

Flying birds

great pattern wallpaper for living room

Pattern combination

different pattern combinations

The red carpet matches the colors

non-woven wallpaper in the living room

Stone wall or wallpaper?

non-woven wallpapers that look like stones

Purple flowers and stripes

non-woven wallpapers with flowers pattern

In the gold rush

Living room color coordinated

Gray is modern


Silver effect

living room with non-woven wallpaper


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