Copper decoration – the timeless and attractive trend

The search for the perfect decoration at home is sometimes difficult for many homeowners. Every year different trends and exclusive innovations are introduced and introduced into the design, so that the selection is really huge today. The article is about a trend that is one of the most popular decorations from year to year due to an ever increasing interest.

Copper – A soft metal that is usually malleable and considered a perfect conductor of heat. The properties and applications of the metal are very numerous, and especially its unique appearance plays a big role in the attractive interior. Our editors have selected the best decoration pieces for the fall and winter season 2019 for you.

Decoration made of copper adds value to the room

kitchen equipment copper hanging lamps

The main advantage of this decoration is that copper can be adapted to any style of living and can be easily combined with different decorations. A perfect combination in industrial style is the duo copper concrete. A possible reason for the good synchronization of the two decorations is the neutral color of the concrete.

In general, the neutral wall design is considered the best solution for copper decoration. Clocks, vases, hanging lamps and candles are made of concrete and copper individually and the end result is simply unique. If you already have enough experience with DIY projects, then you can also make the decoration objects yourself. Gray wall design is most easily combined with this type of decoration and this makes the beautiful look of copper an eye-catcher in the living room.

Concrete and copper in one

Concrete and copper deco

The most popular decorative pieces of copper are clearly the creative hanging lamps. A variety of designs can be seen today. The undisputed advantage of the hanging lamps made of copper is that they optimally enhance the space. If you are looking for a quality decoration for your home, then you should know that many products on the market are not made of real copper, even the hanging lamps can only be copper colored. Our tip is to ask first, because the plastic products have a low longevity. After a certain time, you notice a noticeable loss of color. Pendant lamps made of copper are usually positioned in the kitchen. However, you should calculate well the length of the lamp before, so you have a beautiful lighting design in the room. It is also no secret that over time the copper gets a little darker, which in many cases looks better than the original.

Pendant lamps made of copper and concrete – a perfect combination

decoration of copper hanging lamps

Wood and copper together make a striking combination for decorative items. The Endergebni is then a natural look in the interior. Above all, furniture made of wood and copper is in great demand these days, such as small tables or bookshelves.

Natural look is in high demand

Furniture shelf made of wood and copper

Copper is regarded as the alternative to all conventional decorations and is one of the optical highlights again this year. Our editorial staff guarantees that the look of this design will remain current for a long time to come. That’s why we want to show our ideas for design and decoration. Have fun browsing.

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