Children's Room

Cot with drawers – functionality is modern!

crib with drawers children's furniture orange

Crib with drawers – gorgeous designs for the kids room

You try to use functionality everywhere in the apartment, of course in the nursery – also! Because a nursery needs it! That’s why drawers appear everywhere in the apartment: on the wall, the stairs even often turns into a great storage space!

At the same time drawers lend a compact Zimmerllok. The beautiful Cots With drawers really amaze you with your functionality. You will soon be convinced!

Often you are very practical, and the stairs of a loft bed turn into drawers. It can not be more practical!

White children’s high bed with pink drawers

crib with drawers fancy red armchair

Another contemporary and compact design is to design the bed as a module of a shelf wall. Very smart, yes?

Functional wood design

children's room baby bed design shelf wall wood carpet

It’s very important to arrange the nursery well, right? But if the space is simply small, it’s impossible to place shelves and drawers anywhere. Then use them as part of another piece of furniture! Cot designs with drawers provide a great opportunity to save space and organize the space in a more practical way. The cot is so much more than a piece of furniture to sleep. It combines two functions in itself, it stands not only for itself, but for two pieces of furniture.

Beautiful color combination – matching pink and blue

crib with drawers children's wardrobe purple carpet

Very simple model in white

children's room cot drawers nursery commodes

Cot with large storage space underneath

functional cot drawers great carpet girl's room

This cot not only has over drawers but also about a second mattress

cot with drawers functional design nursery decor

Installing the whole furniture set in the wall saves a lot of space

kids room high bed design drawers cabinets

Drawer and open shelves as a supplement to the Kiderhochbett

children's room baby bed design large storage room functional

White bed and gray drawers – a stylish combination

functional cot storage gray drawers

A great bed linen can spice up the simple cot

crib with drawers bedside table linen floral motifs

Nice cot with drawers

baby bed with drawers design white nursery design

Cot in brown

crib with drawers high bed stairs carpet

A great nursery equipment – so many drawers, where you can store different items!

crib with drawers round rug

Functional children’s high bed in a rustic look

cot with drawers white carpet nursery

The cot and desk are in white and contrast with the pink kids carpet

children's room crib white drawers desk

Some children’s bed designs have great decoration

nursery nursery drawers spiderman thematic

Cot model in dark brown

children's room baby bed design dark brown soccer boys

These drawers are opened laterally

crib with drawers dark brown design functional


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