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Crafting ideas for Halloween for young and old!

halloween crafting ideas diy ideas halloween deco crafts

Crafting ideas for Halloween

What is Halloween? There are probably many possible answers. Halloween is also a family celebration. For superstitious people this is an appropriate occasion to drive away evil with humor and creativity.

Halloween could be an occasion to invite guests to their homes.

With great craft ideas we impress our visit again! That’s why we have some below that are just right for the occasion.

Packet of sweets

Make-up ideas make halloween ideas for yourself

Why do not you distribute Halloween sweets everywhere at home? Do it in cute packages, which you made yourself. Cover them with eyes or dreadful faces to make them more suitable for the occasion.

Crafting ideas for children

Make creative crafting ideas Halloween decoration yourself

Such and other simple craft ideas are wonderful to realize with children. Your little ones will have a great time. At the same time they learn through such small projects to make something useful out of their old objects.

The second part of our article is dedicated to the craft ideas of pumpkins.

Interesting looking caves

halloween pumpkin creative crafting ideas halloween decoration

Cut out a larger piece of the pumpkin on the front. Create some awful figures in it (skeletons and witches). Make a scene between them: for example, they might look like they are arguing or wrestling with each other.

Paint the pumpkins in an original way

halloween decoration halloween craft halloween pumpkin

Paint the pumpkins in an original way. She could wear some of the symbols of the feast. Let the paintings look more modern and original. So you could keep the pumpkins for a longer time as decoration at your home.

The crafting ideas and a Halloween checklist

simple craft ideas halloween ideas diy ideas

Halloween is getting closer. That’s why we now combine the theme with the craft ideas with a checklist for the festival. We name the points you need to think about in terms of the festival. At the same time we point out to you, where you can integrate craft ideas well.

Food and drink: generous menu is on the creepy decorated dining table

halloween craft ideas halloween table decoration halloween decoration

For this you need:

  • many sweets and bags: The bags and packaging you could also do some DIY;
  • Napkins, cutlery and crockery: You can spice it up by various craft ideas;
  • Nibbles: The nibbles can be very artfully designed and represent various Halloween themes and symbols.

Setup of the party ambience

halloween decoration creative craft ideas halloween ideas

Here the craft ideas are really hip. They absolutely must have the following:

  • Lantern and various ornate pumpkins;
  • False spider webs, spiders, balloons and other artificial decoration articles;
  • Candles: The candles can be adapted to the theme of the festival through various craft ideas;
  • Suitable music and films;
  • Accessories and costumes: You can also make all or part of it yourself, if you wish it;
  • Camera: Record everything!

Craft ideas are just for Halloween!

halloween craft ideas halloween pumpkin halooween decoration

Craft ideas fit on Halloween like no other party! Benefit from:

  • spend fun time together with your family;
  • To improve your basic skills;
  • to try new ideas;
  • to spend more time with your children;
  • to make the party especially warm and original!

Let your children participate in the Halloween decoration

craft ideas halloween halloween deco ideas

Design Halloween pumpkins in an original way

halloween ideas halloween craft ideas halloween decoration

A simple, yet effective craft idea for Halloween

simple craft ideas halloween decoration halloween ideas

Show your artistic ability

halloween pumpkin halloween decoration halloween craft ideas

Make a great Halloween table decoration

halloween craft ideas halloween decoration halloween table decoration

Create a festive atmosphere

halloween table decoration halloween craft ideas halloween decoration


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