Terrace Decoration

Create a roof terrace and celebrate life every day

Roof terrace at night

Design the roof terrace and treat yourself to the best start to the day

Each of us dreams of having a perfect place, preferably under the open sky, where beautiful spring days and hot summer nights can be spent. Whether you are alone with your favorite book or with a large company, rooftop terraces are always very attractive, especially if they are imaginatively designed.

Roof terraces are a pure fascination

Roof terrace frame ny

The design of the roof terrace should be kept discreet

Roof terrace shape sunshade

A little green, a few seats and enough space to unwind

Roof terrace shape germany

Design roof terrace is worthwhile and even fun! Just the idea of ​​drinking coffee after getting up in pajamas and looking all over the city should be sufficiently motivating. Rooftop terraces often arise in an urban environment.

More and more often we find hidden restaurants and bars on the rooftops in the city giants

Roof terrace shape ratan

Some roof areas even allow the planting of trees

Roof terrace garden

Often these are old industrial buildings with flat roofs, new housing or parking garages. All three are not really inviting, but the surprise is even greater when you see what can be done on the roof of the house.

In the warm countries you could enjoy the roof terrace facility all year round

Roof terrace shape rom

Modern architecture proves again that the possibilities are unlimited

Roof terrace shape asia

Rooftop Terrace – an incredible opportunity to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the rooftops of the city. Suitable plants should not be missed here. First, it is very pleasant to be surrounded by plants. Second, it can be usable plants, such as strawberries, for example, or depending on the country in which you live – lemons, oranges, figs, and so on.

The cozy atmosphere does not always depend on the environment

Roof terrace design iron

Just wonderful …

Roof terrace shape paris

The third reason is that you definitely stay hidden from prying eyes and feel free and good.

Your rooftop terrace will be an absolute hit. Occasions are always something to do.

A heavenly place that is even their home and in the middle of the big city-of which we all dream.

So you feel properly protected – in the truest sense of the word

Roof terrace frame witch house

It can become the most impressive Randevouz in your life

Roof terrace framing munich

In this article, we offer some inspirational ideas and impressions that you can take or complete.

Surrounding plants and tealights create a romantic ambience that can be passionately enhanced.

Depending on the size of the area you can boldly give your imagination free rein and realize your dream.

Zurich can be taken as a good example- measured, beautiful and quiet

Roof terrace shape zurich

Your personal taste determines the type of patio furniture

Rooftop terrace modern

The right light at dusk enchants the eye all the more

Roof terrace shape sunset

Wooden floors emphasize the natural on your roof terrace and are easy to sweep. Lightweight furniture made of natural materials is recommended, but they should not be much.

Airy, slightly transparent fabrics, maybe a couch … or a bench. It should be cozy, comfortable and suitable for your maximum relaxation.

For some years there is the sky bar tendency. Berlin welcomes with typical modesty and charm

Roof terrace shape berlin

Such roof terraces invite many songbirds and bees

Rooftop garden bushy


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