Terrace Decoration

Create a terrace – spend a great summer on your balcony

terrace design arbor throw pillows stools colorful plants

The summer comes. How would you design your terrace?

Spend more time outdoors! Even if you live in a big city, you could get fresh air. Most apartments usually have a small terrace or balcony. Make this living space as good as possible for use. Summer is short and every day counts.

Enjoy the sunny days. Sunbathe regularly, drink your morning coffee with the first rays of sunshine, organize cozy evenings with friends and family members.

Do you have a terrace, veranda or balcony?

terrace design sofas coffee table view sea curtains

How can your Framing the terrace so that it is practical and functional and looks modern and stylish. There are a few simple rules that you should follow.

1. Be in harmony with nature and create a lively atmosphere. For this purpose, you exhibit many house plants and flowers, the bigger, the better.

Flowers and plants abound

terrace shape chairs table flowers plants

2. you need comfortable outdoor furniture , The rattan furniture is best suited for this purpose. They are light, comfortable and stylish.

Outdoor / garden furniture made of rattan provide for your comfort

patio design rattan furniture cushions table glass pane

Design a relaxation corner with the help of a sunbed or seat cushions. Put a coffee table at the center. If your patio is big enough, then you could also design a dining area. The outdoor dining can be very enjoyable.

Enjoy the nice weather and keep a beach umbrella and your sunglasses always with you.

We wish you a wonderful summer time! Here are our photo examples.

Insert color accents through the throw pillows

patio design rattan furniture cushion table mirror carpet

Do you have enough space to design a dining area?

terrace shape lounge sunny palm eating area

Artificial or real lawn carpet – that’s an interesting idea

terrace landscaping sunny lawn lawn houseplants

Drink your morning coffee outdoors

terrace design sofas coffee table tree plants brick wall

Design your terrace to your personal taste

terrace shape chairs table flowers decor look

A large terrace with dining area in a rustic style

terrace shape chairs table wood dining area tile floor

Here You can see great verandas from around the world.


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