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Decorating ideas and mistakes that should be avoided in their realization

We all want to transform our living environment into a unique beauty. That’s why we look at a lot of decorating ideas and want to draw from it with full hands. All of this is very good if we do not make some gross mistakes that are disturbing in the long run and make for a disharmonic appearance.

We are unable to warn you about any mistakes. But there are some typical mistakes that are common. Those who come up with us, we can tell you so that you can at least avoid them.

Immerse everything only in white

decorating flat decorating win-win tips

We understand very well that many people fall in love with white upholstery and wall designs. They radiate comfort and luxury. But can you really keep it all clean? Because if you have children or you are a bit hectic in the meantime and often visit, this will be quickly soiled.

Do you have time and resources to provide the necessary care? Can you choose materials that look classy and at the same time easy to clean and white? If the answer to all these questions is not yes, then you need to think twice about whether white is the best possible solution for you. Otherwise, you may want to cover with textiles or other alternatives. Keep white for the representative areas that are used less often and only in special cases.

Tables with sharp edges

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Do you have small children in the house? Surely you can not avoid them bumping against the edges of the table as they run around and play. For this reason, you should choose those that are not too sharp. It does not mean that padded stools or round tables are the only possible solutions. You can buy a square table, but first test how bad the blow is against its edges. Only then decide whether it is risk-free for your situation.

Great DIY projects

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The big DIY projects look original. In the magazines and specialized websites they just seem perfect. But if you are not really skilled or do not have enough experience, you will find it difficult to achieve such good results. And aesthetics is not the only problem. It may be that such constructions are not stable enough. Well, you really only realize them if you feel safe in your abilities.

Think of the decoration as the clothes in your wardrobe. What would you wear everyday? Certainly not always something super flashy and extravagant, right? Most people feel comfortable when they choose stylish and subtle dresses for everyday wear. Look similar in the decoration. Let subtle and stylish solutions dominate and complement you with extravagant details!

Long pile and high pile carpets

living room decorating tips living room carpet deco ideas

Long-pile and high-pile carpets are popular because they make for a retro chic and are very pleasant when you walk on them. But they are not easy to care for and they get very dirty very quickly. Do not give up, but you have that in mind.

Expensive items and materials

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Do not let the advertising of exclusive products influence you too much. They are by no means the only solution. There are many quality products at a good price in the market. In addition, there is now the common practice of combining simple furniture with one or two designer pieces. So you do not have to spend a lot of money, so you spice up a nice ambiance necessarily by expensive things.

Uncomfortable dining chairs

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Sometimes we do without things that are obvious. The chairs are often used and we just have to be sure that they do not just look comfortable, they are indeed. Especially some very modern models visually do not meet our expectations of comfort. Innovative materials and techniques make them the most comfortable. There is also the reverse case: some upholstery looks nice and you think they are super comfortable. While sitting, they do not like us. In short, try out the seating before you bring it home. Incidentally, it is also individual on which surface you sit comfortably and on which not.

Abandonment of window decoration

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Do you want to do without the window decoration? That is not necessarily the best solution. There are many flexible models through which a variety of both open and private views can be achieved. The curtains and blinds are indeed made so that they can be opened and closed. But we would not do without it. Incidentally, single-layer solutions with innovative control mechanisms are in demand this season.

Practical ideas without too much risk – that’s what we recommend in the selection of decorating ideas. They are right for you, unless you are really a very extravagant person. But you may not live alone. The practical and neutral decorating ideas are universal and they make more people feel welcome at home.

Think of the decoration as the clothes in your wardrobe

decorating decorating furnishing ideas decorating living room decorating

Do your best to create a beautiful living environment

decorating furnishing tips decorate apartment

Decorating ideas – Combine simple furniture with one or two designer pieces

decorating living room decorating furnishing tips

Choose materials that look classy

decorating ideas of decor living room decorating deco ideas

Decoration Ideas – We all want to transform our living environment into a unique beauty

decorating room decorating furnishing tips

Let the discreet and stylish solutions dominate and complement you with extravagant details

decorating ideas decorating decorating deco ideas

Decoration Ideas – Try out the seating before bringing it home

decorating tips apartment decorating deco ideas

The fresh flowers are always a good table decoration

dining room decorating decorating ideas

Decorating Ideas – There are many quality products at a good price in the market

bedroom decorate decorating furnishing tips

Be careful with certain patterns

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Decoration Ideas – The white color radiates cleanliness

decorate room decorate deco ideas

flat decorating decorating ideas

flat decorating decorating apartment

flat furnishing furnishing tips deco ideas

flat decorating room decorating decorating deco ideas

living room decorate decoration ideas

living room decorate home decor deco ideas

decoration ideas decorate apartment

decorate the room ideas of living deco dekoideen


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