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“Change of scenery” is a normal need, which many of us know quite well. Everybody needs an early or late renewal or change, no matter what. And when I’m watching the weather outside, I know how we like to stay home under the cuddly blanket and drink aromatic teas just in the dark and cold seasons at home.

Only then does it occur to us how mature the change in our own four walls has become.

Armed with stencils and paint, we test our own creativity

Create wallpapers yourself from above

Your walls might need an urgent renovation, but you do not have the best idea about wallpapers and wallpaper patterns. Surely you have looked at enough wallpaper and if there were only those who would be a little more imaginative, cheeky, exciting, colorful, individual … or if you should have a say … at least then these wallpapers would certainly be on your walls.

Step by step, we create pattern series of stencils by hand

Wallpaper design your own pattern


The big stars with the ornaments are a real challenge for us

Make your own wallpaper first star

The joy and excitement before, during and after the design are indescribable

Make your own wallpaper first spot

We have good news for you: your dream can come true and you can actually own the craziest wallpaper patterns. Our editors recently decided to take part in a “wallpaper experiment”, which was about their own imagination and individual design. To our surprise, we should not master any special design skills. We have contact with www.style-your-castle.de who kindly provided materials to us: 3 stencils, markers, wallpaper paper, paint and a sponge and we got down to work.

Before each subtraction, one wonders whether the result is now successful

Design wallpapers yourself

Each star was individually filled with paint and allowed to dry

Make your own wallpaper pattern brush

Finally, the fussy finger work with the rhinestones came out well

Make your own wallpaper glitter

One row has almost been finished

Make wallpapers yourself colorful

The results are shown in our photo documentation. We had a lot of fun and honestly I should personally change my attitude to wallpaper, so now I’m going to design my custom wallpaper exactly like that. Because it’s not just about patterns or colors. You can invariably bring everything to the wall. Particularly original in wallpaper-self-design are the personal messages, children’s drawings, family tree and even strictly personal and emotional things that you want to surround yourself with and that are not available in the store to buy. Our examples show stars in blue and white that we made from stencils by hand and it worked flawlessly!

We are very happy with ourselves and with the result

Make your own wallpaper ready pattern

A personal message on the wallpaper could become a unique Christmas present

Wallpaper design finished pattern


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