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Creating a front garden – tips and tricks for beautifying!

“Little” ideas for the garden design in good time just before the summer season

No matter if you have a small or large garden, you want to make it look nice and appealing. It should be said to be a beautiful outdoor room. Today, this article is about the little things. It’s about enriching the front garden look and introducing small, at first glance not so essential details.

Is that what you are looking for?

Design your front yard – Choose a fresh color palette!

front garden landscaping gardens front garden design

Do you know what the current colors are for 2018? They are about the same in terms of fashion, design, interior design. This year, many bright and fresh nuances are announced. Use them when choosing your furniture and spice up the front garden design.

Mediterranean details

garden ideas garden front gardens

The Mediterranean details always look nice and refreshing. Have you already used such in your front yard design? If not, you could try it this year. You will be surprised by the wonderful effect.

We love the furniture in Spanish colonial style, and you?

front gardens small front garden landscape


You do not have to introduce several small details for spicing up the front yard design. Even a single one can lead to wonderful results. One such detail is the day bed. Take a look at interesting and modern variants with this small piece of furniture.

beach flair

front gardens landscaping front garden landscaping

Do you want to have the scent of sea and beach in your front yard? You can do that by using some furniture that will remind you of their design. The charming furniture on the next pictures exactly meet these criteria.

Build a fire pit

front gardens front garden design open hearth

Do you have a fireplace? Did you think to build one in your front yard? There are many ways to do this – you can wall a fireplace or set up an exotic oven. Both the more elaborate, as well as the expandable and degradable solutions have a charm and spread great atmosphere.

In some of the following garden design examples you will see an oversized outdoor fireplace. He is the linchpin in the front yard design. After this, the proportions and the style of the remaining furniture are determined.

With such a fireplace, the furniture made of dark wood usually correspond wonderfully.

Some bold decorative elements in beautiful colors

gardening ideas landscaping garden

You love the old furniture and do not really need something new? Keep everything the same, but add only a few colorful details. That could be some carefully and skillfully selected throw pillows.

Monochrome color palette

gardening tips garden landscaping gardens

In the last examples, we mainly experienced a colorful palette of furniture and accessories. This is not a must. Alternatively, you can opt for a monochrome color palette. Do you have a light floor, something made of natural stone? Choose this time furniture and textiles, which are in harmony with it!

Neutral, transformable garden design

garden ideas garden landscaping

Are you one of the people who always want to have a renewal? Put on neutral furniture and transform the ambience by carefully selected textiles and details.

This variant is particularly popular in gardens with a lot of green. Such an ambience is transformable in itself and the colored details only enrich its charm.

The beautiful flowers are an important element

landscaping garden front yard

Design the front yard with comfortable sitting areas

garden design garden front gardens

Create an Italian flair with decorative trees

garden furniture front garden landscaping front yard planting

The beautiful front garden design gives a sense of pride and personal achievement

gardening tips gardening gardens gardening ideas

The modern garden design convinces every visitor

small garden design garden ideas

The right lighting ensures a romantic evening look

front yard plants garden front gardens

Mediterranean details always look nice and refreshing

small front yard landscaping front garden landscaping

The open fireplace guarantees entertaining summer hours

framing an open fire pit garden

The fireplace is the linchpin in the front garden design

front yard landscaping gardens front garden landscaping

Add a romantic touch to vintage deco items

front garden landscaping garden landscaping gardens

This year, many bright and fresh nuances are announced

garden furniture garden ideas garden design

Design a small seating area in your beautiful front yard

garden design small front garden landscaping

front garden landscaping front garden landscaping gardens

You can wall a fireplace or set up an exotic oven

garden design garden front garden landscaping

Keep everything the same, but add only a few colorful details

front garden design front gardens front garden landscaping

Get a natural sunscreen

front garden plant gardening ideas garden design

Get cool drinks for the hot summer days

front garden tips garden front gardens

small front garden landscaped gardens


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