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Creative and stylish mug and glass coasters

A nice fragrant coffee, a hot tea and maybe a glass of water make the start of the day much nicer! Making a ritual in the long run helps us to feel much better than before. What else do you need for this? Cup and glass coasters that have been chosen with special attention and love are an irreplaceable aid in every sense. Such an article could be this “little thing” that cheers up our mood and motivates us to go through the day more courageously and optimistically. Find something suitable for yourself and you will soon realize what a big difference these “little things” make.

These glass saucer motifs are quite universal

homemade cup-coaster-than-inauguration gift

Glass saucer with universal patterns

You can go out of your way to find cup and glass coasters that suit your interests and tastes. You can show a unique and sometimes even fancy design that conjures smiles on our faces and those of our guests. But the extravagant ideas could sometimes lead to limited uses.

For your tea or coffee hour in the afternoon with friends at home you would need some universal pattern. Such are these on the glass saucers in the picture above. They show nature patterns in neutral shades that appeal to virtually everyone.

With metal and paper you can make such cup coasters yourself

tinker of-paper-cup-coaster

Homemade glass and cup coasters

The beautiful, unique glass and cup coasters could sometimes be a bit more expensive. Because in the end they are like little works of art! If you want to have several cool pieces and still do not want to spend too much money for it, then you could tinker cup and glass coasters yourself. The most diverse materials could be used well. Above you can see cup mats made with wire and paper. Below you will find some of those made of fabric and glass!

Some glass and cup coasters can be real works of art!
great metal coasters


Ideas for different styles

The picture above shows glass coasters with a rather abstract, symbolic character. They are made of metal and you could call them works of art. These glass coasters would turn into one minimalist style register well. In addition, they would fit perfectly to a universal and also ethnic furnishing style. They could also belong to different eclectic design concepts. The glass coasters have a decorative effect. So choose these carefully! You will make a difference in the context of your decorative style.

Some of the most effective coaster ideas are probably made of glass

coasters beautiful butterflies

Multifunctional glass and cup coasters

The multifunctional glass and cup coasters can be used for many different occasions. This is well illustrated in the picture above this text. The beautiful glass butterfly mats can be used individually. But they could also make up a larger base together.

Customize your mug mugs with beautiful family pictures! coasters with the family

Pictures with friends and family

The decoration to different specific themes is very popular at the time. The cup and glass coasters are no exception in this regard. Very popular in recent times are Unetrsetzer, which are individualized with the help of family pictures. If you have a lot of memories to keep in mind, that would be a great opportunity. In this case, however, you would have to order the glass and cup coasters from a manufacturer who can indeed offer good quality. Because you certainly do not want to see your great pictures after short-term use of the coasters with coffee stains!

For hobbyists and professional photographers, we would recommend the following mug coasters!

Coasters great hobby

Cup and glass coasters to her favorite hobby

Almost all popular leisure themes have matching glass coasters. These in the picture above look like lens caps. That would be the perfect idea for the fans of beautiful photographic art. But surely, even if you have another hobby, you can find suitable glass and cup coasters! We continue with our ideas based on the next pictures and hope that we can really help you with the selection.

This idea for glass coasters is just as beautiful and universal

great stones coasters

The glass coasters of this kind are safe and still have a decorative effect

black idea glass coaster

The marble texture is very attractive as a decoration and also suitable for cup coasters!

red color coaster

Vintage floral designs match different styles of decorating ideas

rero flowers coasters

cork wood coasters

kitten theme glass coaster

Do you love cats and romance? Then such mugs would be something for you!

kitten in the boat

wood and mosaics glass coasters

golden color coasters

Here is something for everyone who is looking for truly classy glass and cupcakes ideas
coasters universe theme

coasters white and beige

These mugs can also serve other purposes

glass coaster unetrtasse fabric

Coasters great stained glass

coasters theme harry potter

Animal Pattern for Mug Coasters ideas – a great idea

coasters theme elephants

Coaster lake with fish

coasters beautiful hearts

Do you want a cup coaster just for you?

Coasters beautiful messages ideas
Coasters sand and stones

coasters orange and stars

This is something for younger families and not just …

coasters name of the family

Coasters leather design

Coasters buttons in different colors

The sea is a popular topic even with glass and cup coasters

coasters small fish motifs

Coaster card sky

glass coasters wood and net

And some great ideas made of glass!

Coaster heart in glass

coasters bunny and sky

coasters blue shark
coasters shark blue

glass coaster glass mosaic

Mug coasters made of natural materials are just as popular and look classy

glass coaster elegance idea

glass coasters built-in stones

Coasters three great colors

Fabric pattern immitation create a cozy atmosphere at the table

glass coaster decor with fabric

floral motifs glass coasters

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