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Creative kitchen ideas that promote a healthy diet

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating vegetables

Creative Kitchen Ideas – 10 kitchen organization tips that make healthy living easier

I find it fascinating that I still do not have scurvy because until recently I rarely ate vegetables and fruits. That’s why I set out to eat more of this healthy food in 2014.

Because in the past there was always the situation that a half rotted bananas in a bowl lonely completely spoiled and I never came to a boil.

After all, I am now determined to stop these unhealthy habits. This will certainly save me a lot of money, because I will not order food outside so often.

Shortly after I started cooking healthy, I realized that I actually love most of the healthy recipes. It has turned out that the baked potatoes with “beaten cheese” are quite to my liking. Furthermore, I love cooked rice spinach with apples in a slow cooker at low temperature.

However, what motivated me most of these successes to a healthier life, was the transformation of my kitchen for a healthier life.

Most likely, after the first month, you’ll find that it’s hard for you to follow your goals. But then you should not despair! Instead, you should make it easier by creating more conditions for achieving the goals. What this means in terms of your kitchen and healthy life, we will explain in this article.

1. Keep fresh herbs and fresh vegetables within reach

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating herbs

The herbs make the healthy food much tastier and fragrant. This will help you to reduce the much unhealthier ingredients like butter and salt. In addition, this can contribute to the beautification of the ambience in your kitchen, as you can clearly see in the picture above.

I realize that keeping many things at home can be a big challenge for many of us. Caring for the fresh plants requires a lot of fresh air and sunlight. But you can also easily store jars with such spices near the kitchen counter. This is a less tedious version of the real vertical garden.

2. Design artful still life with your products

creative kitchen ideas healthy food fruit vegetables on the table

Somebody may think this idea a bit stupid, but actually it works great. Put out a larger food plate, a fruit bowl and a cake stand that you will never use. They will always be the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen.

3. Play your favorite music while you cook

creative kitchen ideas healthy food coziness color design

Place a radio or speaker set in the kitchen in the kitchen so you can listen to your favorite radio station or playlist while you cook.

Try to do several things while you are cooking. I once prepared my rice spinach apple dish while cooking the sweet potatoes. At the same time I finished the mixture for mini quiche and distributed it in teasemmel. In the microwave, which was still free, I cooked the spaghetti squash.

In the next few days I had all healthy food within reach.

4. Add more electronic devices you need in the kitchen

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating helper in the kitchen

Are you addicted to cooking programs? Then make room for a TV in the kitchen! Or maybe an I-Pad station with new recipes would be more useful in your case?

5. Organize the pantry in a meaningful way

creative kitchen ideas healthy food storage room

Bring your healthier food more to the front and to the center. The things with fewer calories should be more accessible. Hide the chocolate somewhere, so you can reach for it, but without having to look at it all the time.

6. Create a tea station near you

creative kitchen ideas healthy food cooking tea

Tea-cooking is a very relaxing action. Combine nibbling always with the preparation of such.

7. Organize the refrigerator well

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating order in fridge

Take everything out, make your fridge nice and clean. There you can now put the healthy food you have prepared, and keep the fresh fruits and vegetables in the front and central parts.

8. Use smaller plates

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating dishes

All the diet tips I read seem to ask for it. So the eyes see fullness, although the amount is not too big. This is a wonderful way to outsmart the brain. Not all of them work, but you could try, right?

9. Make sure the small appliances are within easy reach for food preparation

creative kitchen ideas healthy food hot plate countertop

If you have to search through dirty cabinets for a piece or two all the time, chances are you’ll give in quickly or get frustrated. Keep the slow cooker, juicer and all such appliances specifically designed for healthy eating within reach.

Do you have special devices that are set up for healthy eating?

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating electrical appliances

It may be useful to create a special department for them.

10. The sneakers should also be in a suitable place

creative kitchen ideas healthy eating wardrobe

Cooking is associated with a lot of standing. That’s why your feet need good support during this process. You should have gym or other suitable shoes within reach.

We wish you many pleasant moments in your kitchen! And hopefully you will be a fan of healthy food tomorrow!


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