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Creative LED hanging lamps – a revolution in the designer world

led hanging lamps copernicus

Copernikus suspension lamp with LED lamps

creative LED hanging lamps seem to make a revolution in the designer world. Perhaps they did that because they were underestimated at some point as decoration and furnishing elements.

But at some point you have noticed that the lighting is exactly what determines the character of a room.

The pairing of function and beautiful form is of fundamental importance.

LED hanging lamps as equipment element

LED hanging lamps as decoration

In today’s case, Futurism comes very actively into play. At the same time it is history. How does it work? Yes, one has drawn inspiration from Copernicus – the great Futurist from another epoch, when this term was not yet invented. But even then, there were people who were in search of new solutions and insights for people in space. So the light that we will introduce to you was dedicated to one. Estimate for yourself whether she is worthy of him.

Sparkling lights

Copernicus LED hanging lamps

The lights consists of nine concentric rings. These are, however, created from a single plate of superlight aluminum. Within these, a total of 384 LED lights were accommodated. These rotate freely on two different axes. Thus one has managed to bring the charisma in a certain direction. Furthermore one could manage to form several spatial configurations.

Moving rings

interesting copernicus hanging lamp

Designer of Copernico is Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Their art is multidisciplinary and therefore much can be explained. For the creation of such a work can not be realized without a profound and professional thinking in the context of design and architecture. One can say that scientific precision is necessary for the success of such a project. This luminaire also shows us how high the demand for luminaire designers is. Only experts who understand them as a seamless part and an individual addition to architecture can be recognized successfully and on an international level.

This is the case with Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Fascinating, right?

Great looking in the reflection too

led hanging lamps kretive form

Copernikus suspension lamp also in red

hanging lamp in red

Bright white

Hanging lamp with LED lamps

Adjust as desired

adjustable as desired

Nine concentric rings

red copernicus led hanging lamps

Classic in white

white copernicus led hanging lamps


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