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Creative wall decor: Unusual ideas to make your own!

Our home is our fortress! And that’s why we want to give you some interesting and creative ideas that will make your own home better. Our bold suggestions are guaranteed to provide a change. Promote your imagination and equip yourself with will and patience – this is the only thing you need. You are then satisfied with the final result, because this wall decoration came about alone under your hands.

Make an original wall decoration with little effort

Make wall decoration yourself

Wall decoration: to create something untraditional

Art is a relative term in which everyone feels a different feeling. The idea (on top of the picture) is simple, fast, and does not require expensive materials. Use needles that you nail into the wall asymmetrically or in a specific shape. Then remove the old wooden hangers and hang them on the needles.

The rest is a task of imagination. You can z. For example, hang your child’s drawings or family pictures on it to turn the empty and boring wall into a mysterious canvas.

Make a sea picture

wall decoration deco itself make diy projects

Picture Puzzle

Who does not want to put in the holiday mood in winter? This idea will make it easy and simple. Make your dream vacation part of the home decoration. For this you will need the following:

  • First, pick the favorite picture you want to hang up and look at. Print it out in the largest possible format.
  • Split it into the parts you want and cut them out.
  • Get a picture frame that’s right for it. In order for you to be able to assemble the images freely and without any problems, choose a larger frame.
  • Take cardboard box and cut it out in the picture frame shape. On these the pictures are glued on.

A tip for the perfectionists: Line the cardboard! Use pencil and ruler to draw a net that provides orientation when pasting the individual pictures. In this way you will save time and spare your nerves when setting straight.

A wall decoration idea for adventurers

World Map Wall Decoration DIY Projects

Hang the world on the wall

It is no longer necessary to write down the countries you have visited or would like to inquire about. This creative wall decor with the world map will not only be a key decoration element, but also a practical travel plan that you can follow at any time. To make the world trip home, you will need: glue, card, plywood, scissors, white cardboard and double-sided tape.

The preparation:

  • First, cut out every country. Draw the outlines on the white board and cut out so that only the shape remains.
  • Lay the cardboard on the plywood and turn it over. Stick the cardboard on the back with the tape so you do not see it.
  • Select all visited countries.

This decoration can be placed in every room. Another challenge is the decoration around it. Choose those elements that will give your wall decoration an even more adventurous appearance.

Thread picture as a wall decoration

Make your own wallcovering yourself

Wall decoration with original look

This extraordinary idea can adapt to any style and gives any room an artistic appearance. Just equip yourself with a little more time and patience and the end result will leave you speechless. For the production you will need the following materials: needles, hammer, pliers, plywood, white cardboard (slightly larger than the plywood) and colorful threads or yarn.

The instruction:

  • You can record the desired font alone or simply print it out.
  • Mark the places where you will place the needles.
  • Stick the cardboard on the plywood.
  • Tap the needles accordingly and start the actual work of wrapping the first thread / twine.

Tip: If you want a garish effect, better bet on yarn. At the beginning you can simply wrap the yarn randomly and only later will you find out on your own which color you want to finish your wall decoration.

Create your own creative and original wall decoration. Put all your energy and imagination into it and convince every visitor who enters your house.

You decide how to decorate your wall

deco ideas wall decoration itself make photo wall

Paper crafting

diy wall decoration make decoration yourself

Use your full imagination

make thread pictures yourself wall decoration

Use the newsprint to create creative wall decoration

Make your own wall paper with newsprint paper

make photo wall ideas wall decoration yourself

Choose beautiful colors

Make creative craft wall decorations yourself

A hearty wall decoration for the bedroom

make a photo wall yourself Wanddeko bedroom

Show your artistic talent

creative decoration ideas wall decoration ideas diy projects

Design a picture wall yourself

make a photo wall yourself wanddeko ideas

Wall decoration from old children’s drawings

Do creative wall decoration yourself

Make macrame wall decoration yourself

Another original idea with the world map

original wall decoration creative craft ideas

Make pastel pictures wall decoration yourself

Murals themselves make creative craft ideas

A decoration for kitchen and dining room

wall decoration kitchen decorating wall decoration

Beautify the living room wall by color

wall decoration deco ideas make wall decoration itself

Use all the old items to create a great wall decoration

Make wall decorations yourself

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