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Crochet Amigurumi – Make cute decorations for your home

amigurumi crochet sweet turtles deco

Crochet Amigurumi – Give these little figures some attention

Today we want to introduce you to an interesting art. She comes from Japan and is called Amigurumi. Amigurumi are crochet works or knitted works with filling material, mostly animals and human-like beings. The word comes from the Japanese and is a combination of the words ami (crocheted or knitted) and nuigurumi (plush dolls).

And although Amigurumi comes from Japan, this art is well known and loved everywhere. Do you want to take a look at this? It is worth it!

Garfield as Amigurumi figure

beautiful deco garfield amigurumi pattern

Mouse with light blue dress and red bag

beautiful dkoideen amigurumi mouse light blue dress

Cute bunnies as Amigurumi

amigurumi crochet bunny white light brown yarn

Crochet amigurumi is a real art and as such it has specific techniques. If you want to make an amigurumi doll yourself, you will of course need a crochet pattern and the corresponding materials. So what do you need: Of course yarn; Plastic pieces to fill your limbs – the doll needs to have some weight; and cotton wool, doll stuffing wool or foam polystyrene for the rest of the body. Some amigurum figurines have no limbs but only a head and a body. With or without limbs, all the Amigurumi dolls are admirable.

Sympathetic fur

amigurumi mushroom crochet white red knots eyes

Sheep Amigurumi figure

beautiful deco sheep amigurumi pattern

Make a penguin

Amigurumi crochet penguin pattern deco ideas

The penguin with cap

amigurumi crochet penguin with cap colored

The Amigurumi dolls can be great toys for the children, or be used with aesthetic function as a kind of decoration. Put them somewhere in your home, and you’ll see for yourself how the ambience looks livelier!

Bright green hare in flowerpots

beautiful deco ideas amigurumi figures plant pots

Purple octopus

crochet amigurumi octopus purple deco

And so, maybe you can crochet or knit? No?! After looking at these adorable Amigurumi figures, will you surely want to acquire this art ?! It’s enough to just enjoy them. Because she is really fascinating! Nobody can deny that, right ?!

A duck couple

amigurumi crochet duck light yellow female male

Amigurumi figures with functional significance

amigurumi crochet functional box of jewelry bear bunny

Beautiful girl with glasses

amigurumi crochet girl pattern deco

Use amigurumi figure as a key hanger

amigurumi crochet pattern little cat light gray pink ribbon

Owl with big eyes

amigurumi pattern owl white brown nuances

The donkey Eeyore

amigurumi dolls donkey light blue beautiful pattern

Favorite heroes as Amigurumi dolls

Amigurumi Dolls Favorite Hero Eeyore Hello Kitty Spongebob

Bright green giraffe

beautiful deco ideas amigurumi giraffe light green

Clown doll

beautiful deco amigurumi clown funny

The Amigurumi figures could put you on open shelves

beautiful deco ideas amigurumi ideas pattern

A little snail

beautiful deco ideas amigurumi little snail

Whale amigurumi doll

beautiful deco amigurumi wal blue shades

Elephant sailor

beautiful deco ideas elephant sailor blaunuance

Bear with backpack

amigurumi pattern adorable beautiful deco ideas

Eleven Amigurumi figure

beautiful deco elf elf amigurumi pattern

Amigurumi doll without limbs

amigurumi crochet angri birds pattern

Amigurumi dolls in stark shades

amigurumi two critters crochet red yellow

Beautiful hearts

Amigurumi pattern hearts pink shades of red

Bear on a box

beautiful deco amigurumi teddy box

A colorful duck

Amigurumi crochet great pattern duck

Turtle baby

smigurumi crochet turtle white green


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