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Crystal chandeliers that you certainly like

nuevo living crystal chandelier

Crystal chandeliers that inspire you

crystal chandelier great design

We all know that lighting is very important to the look of the premises. In addition to the function to brighten the ambience, she decorates this as well. You have to install the lighting carefully, because that will affect the style and the aura of the environment. Do you want to have a room that shines with elegance? Then you should seriously consider the hanging crystal or the Crystal chandelier contemplate.

Today we have put together a few rectangular hanging lamps made of this material for you. This type of lighting is different from the usual lights. Our examples have a rectangular base where the chain meets the crystals. They are usually used on dining tables, kitchen islands and bars. Just scroll down and see what we have for you to choose from.

Nadia collection

crystal chandelier nadia collection

Feel like a star with lights like these that illuminate your interior.

Chandelier W

crystal chandelier W inspirational design

These crystal balls will illuminate your interior with elegance.

Nuevo Living crystal suspension lights

nuevo living crystal chandelier

These beautiful crystals adorn the chandelier like many great earrings.

Quantum box

quantum box beautiful chandelier

Here we see a horizontally oriented lampshade with clean lines.

Champagne colored crystal lights

crystal chandelier champagne color

This example reminds us of stalactites. So, you do not have to go to the cave to see them!

Traditional hanging lamps

traditional crystal hanging lamp

Here we experience elegant chains of hand cut crystals of different heights. These are the part of a sculptural piece with a rectangular base.

Modern chandelier made of chrome with a silk lampshade

Inspirational chandelier chrome silk

Here we see a mesmerizing combination of clean, straight and rectangular shapes. This results in delicate crystal forms.

Smoky rectangular crystal forms

smoked rectangular crystal chandelier

Here we are dealing with an extravagant crystal lamp. It has three light settings. So it’s not just about beauty, it’s about functionality.

Cellula rectangular chandelier

beautiful crystal chandelier cellula

The beauty of this lamp comes from the great cut, fully faceted crystals. However, it does not seem petty or cluttered.

Schonbeck Quantum rectangular pendant light

crystal chandelier schonbeck quantum

Add this pendant light to your room to create a centerpiece or addition that will complete your space in a fairytale way.

Varaluz 168 KC – light “Seven nights with light rain”

varaluz 168 KC hanging lamp

Here one experiences the impression of the rainfall at the window. It was made from reused glass and raindrops, which charm one with their beauty.

Broadway crystal chandeliers

Great suspension lights made of crystal broadway chandelier

Do you want a bit of drama in Broadway style in your house?

Rectangular chandelier rural style

hanging lamps made of crystal rural kind

The unique character of this chandelier here is determined by the use of crystal glass. This has been cut and polished perfectly for optimal reflection and perfect shine.

Contemporary crystal chandelier

great inspirational hanging lamps contemporary

Here we have to do with a crystal chandelier, which will provide the just right elegant touch in your elegant dining room.

Jaqueline rectangular crystal chandelier

jaqueline crystal chandelier

What can be more elegant than the lighting? We are sure that you would like to have such a thing with you!

With lights like these, you will certainly create a lot of elegance and a very upscale character.


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