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Current ideas for stylish wall clocks!

The designer world has never before offered such a wide selection of attractive wall clocks and now is the time to introduce the best models for this year. For years, the wall clock has not only been a tool that better organizes our daily lives, but also a decorative piece. In the interior, the properly selected wall clock can provide a moody atmosphere. The individual range of our editors will present in the following paragraphs a completely new and unique generation of wall clocks. Stay tuned!

Large, elegant and enhances every room positively – the modern wall clock

elegant design with wall clocks

Wall clocks with the latest designs

Every year, hundreds of new forms, variants and mechanisms of wall clocks are presented and part of them we see in almost every interior. Design lovers always want something entirely creative and unusual, and sometimes minimalist.

Minimalism plays an important role in interior design today and is enjoying ever-increasing popularity.

The minimalist design of the wall clocks is one of the latest trends in years. Battery-powered wall clocks are offered without a case and dial, but with only two long hands positioned at a midpoint. The structure of the wall clock needs a creative assembly, which consists of twelve self-adhesive hour points. Decide on your individual choice how big the radius of the hour should be.

Minimalist and creative designs create a stylish ambience

minimalistic decoration element wall clock

The look of the wall clock depends on the overall interior much. Decisive factors for the right choice of wall clock are the wall design and the design of the pieces of furniture in the room. Our next point is the retro wall clocks with an elegant shape. These decorative elements will definitely enhance the space, but the interior design should also be combined with it. The rustic watch cases with Roman numerals belong to the classics. Easily traceable pointers are also classic designs and are often recommended for families with small children to achieve a learning effect.

Choose an elegant look

Stylish design of wall clock

The wall clocks should be large and stylish at the same time

As one of the most innovative editorial departments for interior design in Germany, we came across a very modern design. It’s about the extra large wall clocks that were not so popular years ago. But nowadays more and more wall clocks with extra sizes are being positioned in different rooms. The result is clear: an eye-catcher that attracts all curious glances. Very often, the large variants are placed in conference rooms. Presenting and discussing projects is much more convenient if you have a clear time overview.

Better organization with extra large wall clocks

Concerts and ideas for wall clocks

An alternative to the conference room is the kitchen. No other room needs an extra large wall clock more than the kitchen, because every day in the morning you get ready for work, school or university and time is very short. An almost floor-to-ceiling wall clock is considered an optimal solution for the everyday organization.

The eye-catcher in every room

Decoration element wall clock ideas

Every design is unique and suitable for every taste. Be inspired by the latest wall clocks and create a better time overview in every room. Our editorial wishes you a lot of fun browsing!

Position the hourly points according to your taste

attractive wall clocks and design

Roman numbers remain current this year

v Decoration element wall clock

Minimalist wall clocks provide a cozy atmosphere

design ideas wall clocks

DIY wall clocks made of paper? Sounds interesting, right?

elements wall clocks

The wood look of the clocks remains current and gives the ambience a natural look

Design with wall clocks wood look decorative element wall clock Ideas design with wall clocks
Concepts and ideas for wall clocks modern Concepts and ideas for wall clocks Creative decoration element wall clock

Classic wall clocks are never destined to be old-fashioned

modern design with wall clocks
modern and attractive wall clocks

Better organization and time overview in the kitchen? Yes, please !

original wall clock nice design with wall clocks clear decorative element wall clock Wall clocks ideas Wall clocks and design ideas Wall clocks and design tips Wall clocks and design

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