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Current interior design ideas: Sherwin-Williams colors for 2018

The first half of 2019 is over. Yes, everything is going so fast again! Slowly we can already look at the modern interior design ideas for 2018. With regard to the trend colors, we already have Wichtges to tell. The manufacturer Sherwin-Williams in addition Pantone and some other companies in the industry because there is always the word. The company has already revealed its forecast for the current color trends for 2018.

Furnishing ideas and colors that promote the consciousness of the collective

Affinity, connectivity and honesty – These are the three keywords that characterize the choice of colors in Sherwin-Williams. They were inspired by the dominant collective culture in our society. This can be seen in fashion as well as interior design ideas and in technology and other areas of life.

Rooms with trend colors that promote affinity

So 2018 affinity will be printed out by colors


In order to promote intuition and affinity, one likes to choose eye-catching blue, vivid fuchsia and, in between, brown for balance. On the level of the experiences one wants to promote the complete relaxation. This in turn creates the perfect atmosphere for unexpected exciting experiences.

In practice, all this would mean that the neutral browns make up the context and provide tension within those eye-catching colors, such as the aforementioned blues and fuchsias.

Connectivity is an important motto in the trend colors 2018

The following trend colors promote connectivity


The color palette of connectivity stands for the innovations in the field of technology. It includes pixelated orange tones, digital blues and greens, as well as high definition yellow. The connectivity is modern, playful and meanwhile very varied with regard to the different nuances.

You could put an accent with such a color in every room. That could be a sofa or a fireplace in the digitally looking greens or blues. The background would be gray and creams.

These colors stand for honesty

Trend colors and interior design ideas to promote honesty


The minimalism will be up to date in 2018. Sherwin-Williams combines the corresponding colors under the keyword “honesty”. Minimalism 2018 is less structured. It is presented by the gentle, washed-out neutrals that, together with the green and pink, make the harmony prevail.

This is no longer in

What is not expected to be so up-to-date with the color scheme ideas in 2018? Step back in front of the dark-light contrasts. Also, do not stick to a strict color palette. Instead, one organic shade should disappear in the other. We expect a great and exciting designer year 2018, right?


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