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Curtain Fabrics – Worth knowing and practical tips for their selection

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Which are the most common curtain fabrics?

Do you fancy a change of scenery? Well, if it is not so easy to change the wallpaper, why not try it with new curtains or curtains? So you can provide a fresh breeze in your home with relatively little effort and spice up your living spaces with colors and patterns.

When buying curtains and curtains, of course, you should also pay a lot. In addition to matching colors and appealing design, especially the curtain fabrics play an important role in the selection of your curtains and curtains. As a rule of thumb, thicker, heavier fabrics in bold colors are more suitable for spacious spaces, and translucent lightweight fabrics in neutral or pastel colors should be preferred for smaller spaces. Like every rule, of course, this has its exceptions – the main thing, the gut feeling is right. This means that the right curtain or curtain fabric should be perfectly combined with the look and feel. Then your new curtains will surely give you a lot of pleasure and provide more comfort.

Choose curtain fabrics correctly

curtains fabrics curtains pastel green velvet home textiles

Just ask yourself, which are the most common curtain and curtain fabrics?

The fabrics basically consist of natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or mixtures of the two. In principle, natural fibers such as cotton and linen are considered inelastic and difficult to care for. Textiles made of natural fibers can shrink during the washing and should be ironed. By contrast, synthetic fibers such as polyamide, polyester, and polyacrylic are easy to clean and hard-wearing. They are usually wrinkle-free and do not break-in. These also have high light resistance. The exception is the viscose, which is not washable and dimensionally stable.

High-quality curtains and curtain fabrics for more comfort at home

curtain fabrics curtain fabrics satin silk natural colors natural fibers

Which fabrics for curtains and curtains should you already know?

Organza and voile

These fine, sheer curtain fabrics consist exclusively of polyester or polyamide. Organza is completely transparent and often forms wanted noble creases. Iridescent and shiny, the fabric is very popular and often used. Voile is semi-transparent and has a soft fold.


This is a mixed fabric of natural and synthetic fibers. It is patterned by a burnout process. In this chemical process, the natural fibers are etched away by an etching paste. So the desired patterns remain on a transparent surface.


For satin is – the top is smooth and shiny and the bottom – rather coarse and dull. This fabric is not bound to any particular fibers, but especially silk, viscose, and polyester are preferred in its manufacture. Soft and cuddly this fabric has always been used with pleasure and not only for window decoration but also as bed and underwear and fine, high-quality clothes.

Natural fibers and delicate colors

curtains fabrics draperies curtains purple floral ornaments natural fiber armchairs sofa

Thick and heavy:


This fabric basically consists of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk. But it is not impossible to find him as a mixed tissue. Very characteristic are the bumps, which provide interesting effects.


This is an elaborate type of fabric, abundantly figuratively patterned. The fabric was named after the French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard called, who invented this.


Shantung means “province” in Chinese. This fabric has a velvety appearance and consists of either silk, cotton, linen, or blended fabric.


Taft is characterized by an intense, dull shine. With different lighting you notice the characteristic color change. The fabric is mostly made of polyester and polyamide and rarely has a share of cotton.

We hope you are now better equipped to buy curtains and curtains and make the right choice. Good luck! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Filigree pattern in magenta

curtain fabrics curtains cotton filigree pattern tendril pattern home textiles

Create more joie de vivre through colorful textiles

curtains curtains cotton colorful pattern throw home textiles

Watercolor look on long, heavy curtains

curtain fabrics curtains cotton linen natural fabrics curtains

Elegant, classic patterns on paper-thin fabrics

curtains fabrics curtains floral pattern neutral colors transparent

curtains curtains transparent geometric patterns

Set fresh accents

Curtain fabrics drapery curtains synthetic fiber home textile crystal chandelier carpet sofa

Or puristically set up the room

curtains drapery curtains linen cotton viscose white puristic

curtains curtains modern design stripes home textiles

Do you like boho chic?

curtains curtains natural fiber cotton pattern colorful children's room

Chic stripes for more dynamics in the living room

curtains fabrics curtains natural fiber pastel stripes modern design couch throw pillows

Natural colors are earthy and calming

curtains curtains natural materials erdfareben floral pattern

Sophisticated elegance in black and red

curtains fabrics drapes curtains black red tendril tulle leather sofa

Unobtrusive in pastel yellow

curtains drapery curtains pastel yellow modern design living room leather armchair

Personalize your curtains and curtains with a beautiful photo motif

curtain fabrics drapery curtains 3d photo motif living room

Or do you rather prefer the monochrome variants?

curtains drapery curtains lace fine home textiles purple color

And how about simple, long curtains in white?

curtains drapery curtains white thin curtains transparent

White can also be combined with any color and texture

curtains drapery curtains white thin white brick wall high pile carpet side tables wood

Strong, warm colors and coarse textures provide more positive energy and steadfastness

curtains curtains warm colors natural fiber ethno style pattern cushion sofa

Summery lightness with shabby chic

curtains curtains white translucent armchair vintage shabby chic rose pattern

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