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Curtain rods always come into play when you are looking for the right curtains

Curtain rods and curtains together form a complete whole

Curtains provide a visual and sun protection and incidentally ensure a natural window decoration. Curtains, however, together with the curtain rods form a whole and must always be planned together. So, if you choose curtains for the living room or bedroom, do not forget, only with the right curtain rods they come into their own! It just can not be done without them!

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With the right curtains, you can easily create the desired sense of space. In order for the curtains to be staged properly in the room, you need an additional element. You can call it cornices, curtains or style sets, but these are always a must. The curtains are chosen according to the room. And the curtain rods are chosen according to the curtains. We have found many ideas for cornices on the internet, among them creative curtain rods by Interdeco , Who has the choice, also has the agony!

Before deciding on one or the other curtain rod, you should know something about the curtain rods. First and foremost is the design of the curtain rails, because it is of great importance. Not only because they have a certain interest in the window decoration, but also because the curtains must harmonize with the curtain rod. The curtain rod must fit well with the curtains and at the same time inscribe into the entire interior. Single or multi-functional, resilient or rather decorative, it depends on the curtains themselves, and on your personal taste of course!

The rod diameter plays an essential role in the selection of curtain rails. If you have heavy curtains, then you absolutely need curtain rods with greater stability. And if the curtain rod is stable, it should have a larger pipe diameter.

The material of the curtain rod is also a most important aspect that should be considered. And especially in how far the curtain rod is resilient and stable. It depends on the fabric and length of the curtain whether or not the curtain rod has to have a high load capacity. Lightweight, floating curtains do not require a load-bearing curtain rod. Wood, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, combination of wood and metal … There is a wide choice of materials.

One distinguishes mainly between single-barreled and multi-barreled curtain rods. The single-barreled pelmets are considered standard, the double-barreled ones are used, if you want to give the curtains a more decorative function. Depending on the purpose, there are a variety of designs even with the curtain rails. Cornices, which are adjustable in length, are a nice alternative for any window. Sometimes you want to hang a curtain in the corner. Thanks to a corner connection for curtain rod that happens easily.

The curtain rods themselves appear as a decorative element in the room. The tail also comes into play.

Make the right choice when it comes to curtain rods and let the selected textiles stand out beautifully in the room. Well, it’s not enough to choose beautiful curtains, but also the matching curtain rails. So vote for your ideas curtains and curtain rail from each other. So everything works together harmoniously!


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