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Curtains in the living room: great ideas for different interior styles

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Curtains are one of the small details in the interior, but these can make the atmosphere in a room perfect and cozy. Do not you believe? Then take a look at our inspiring ideas for living room curtains to convince yourself!

This article will learn how you can transform the curtains into an accent in the interior and thereby create a cozy and stylish ambiance in the living room. Below you will find ideas and suggestions for different furnishing styles that can help you when choosing curtains for the living room. We hope you enjoy our tips and suggestions, and we hope you enjoy reading them!

Curtains in the living room – great ideas for an individual and lively atmosphere

These can either match the color scheme of the room or stand out from it to represent an original furnishing accent. Here you will find suitable examples of both options from which you can draw inspiration.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer passend zur Einrichtung

Gardinen Wohnzimmer romantisches Design hellgelb

With the right curtains, the living room can look much more beautiful and lively – our photos are an excellent example of this. So if you think your living room needs a positive change, start by changing the curtains!

Gardinen Wohnzimmer romantischer Vintage Look

Gardinen Wohnzimmer Farbgestaltung Blau

Gardinen Wohnzimmer neutrale farbgestaltung

Gardinen Wohnzimmer weiss durchsichtig

Gardinen Wohnzimmer weiss tolle Muster

Gardinen Wohnzimmer transparent originelle Muster

We also give you a few tips on how to choose curtains depending on the style of furnishing your living room so that you give the interior the finishing touch. Continue reading!

Choosing curtains in the living room – practical tips

When choosing curtains for the living room, the first and foremost important thing is the quality and type of fabric because it should create elegant, regular folds.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer dunkel origineller Look

Gardinen Wohnzimmer tolle Streifen

The design of the curtains should also be optically coordinated with the special features of the interior and the other decorative elements so that you get a stylish result.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer tolle Muster Perlengrau

Measure the size of your window in advance to know exactly how much fabric you will need. The curtains can be bought ready-made, sewed yourself, or have a professional sew – that depends on your budget and skills.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer als Akzent Orange

If you have never had curtains in your living room before, you should also think of suitable construction to hang them on: there is a huge variety of curtain rods made of wood, metal, or plastic in various shapes and colors market.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer toller Ombre Look

The rods can be attached to the wall or ceiling if the windows are too high and do not offer any space to hang curtains. In the living room, the curtains should be installed, so that corner connections are created – so you have the perfect transition between the individual curtains.

Curtains in the living room, depending on the interior style

As already mentioned, the matching curtains can change the holistic atmosphere in the living room. The thin curtains made of a fine, transparent fabric would let the light flow into the room – they are the perfect choice if your living room is decided in dark tones.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer stilvoll geometrische Muster

And if you have a bright living room in neutral colors – for example, in a Scandinavian or minimalist style, you can opt for curtains in strong or dark nuances – in this way; you avoid the risk of the furnishings appearing too impersonal. A country-style living room should choose curtains in warm tones – chocolate brown, sun yellow, orange, peppermint green. Pastel nuances would also create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer frische Idee in Hellgrün

The cheerful floral patterns would also be ideally combined with a country-style interior. And with a modern industrial or minimalist living room design, you can choose curtains with geometric patterns. Actually, the variety of shapes, colors, and motifs is unlimited, which can make your choice particularly difficult.

Gardinen Wohnzimmer interessante Muster

Gardinen Wohnzimmer geometrische Muster

Gardinen Wohnzimmer mit der Einrichtung abstimmen

However, if you are looking for suitable living room curtains, the rule applies: the more splendid the furnishings, the simpler the curtains, and vice versa. For a living room in the baroque style, for example, monotonous curtains are the best choice, while for a neutral interior, you can also opt for a colorful design. And for a real wow effect, you can choose very modern curtains in flowing colors or 3D patterns.

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