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Cushion Covers – The best friend of the Throw Pillow

pillowcases floral motifs fresh deco

Cushion covers can have a major impact on the interior design

There are numerous ways to decorate a particular room and give it a fresh touch. We want your attention on the Throw and more precisely, on whose pillowcases to steer. Among the throw pillows there are those that are just there, on the sofa or on the armchairs.

Other throw pillows remain unnoticed! Why is this difference? On the cushion covers, of course! In our photo gallery, you’ll see fresh throw pillows that can function as an excellent deco, except that they are a must have for the throw pillows. Do you want to stick to it?

Elegant gray sofa, covered with fancy throw pillows

throw pillow covers catherine colebrook design

Great cushion cover with phoenix figure. Simple but attractive pattern that could be used to achieve a particular room look

pillowcases phoenix pattern beautiful deco ideas

Elegant floral pattern

pillowcases colored pattern floral elegant

Do you want to refresh the room decoration constantly, so that the room always looks different, but at the same time also looks chic? But you do not want to change the whole interior, but give it only certain accents? There is a fitting interior solution in this case too! her name is Kisenbezüge … And we do not mean any pattern, but lively or floral motifs that make everything look more appealing.

Floral pattern with saturated shades, which is particularly fresh

pillowcases colored floral pattern deco ideas

Colorful floral elements that could be a fresh interior addition

Throw pillow colored pattern beautiful decoids

At first glance, these can be a simple addition to the interior, but are not! The throw pillows are a particularly useful interior element with many and different functions. In addition to their decorative task is their functionality. With their fresh shades, delightful patterns and beautiful textures they fulfill their decorative function. And if you choose those pillowcases that are perfectly inscribed into the interior design, then you have reached a perfected room look that everyone will be jealous of.

Designer deco cushion cover with floral elements

pillowcases rachel taylor design floral elements

Patchwork in blue shades

throw pillow covers patchwork blue floral

Patchwork throw pillow cover in vintage style

pillowcases pachwork pillowcase colorful floral vintage

Gorgeous throw pillow cover

Pillow cases poly dupione pillowcase attractive colored

A cushion cover is one of the easiest ways to change the look of the furniture and thus of the whole room. Elegant or everyday should be this, it depends on the interior of the room. You will easily find the most suitable cushion covers, because they occur in different and varied patterns.

Two-sided throw pillow cover with floral patterns

pillowcases colored floral pattern red yellow

Throw pillows with the same pattern placed on the sofa

colored throw pillow covers elegant sofa deco ideas

Elegant pattern of combining flowers with butterflies

pillowcases elegant pattern flowers butterflies

White Dekokisenbezug with peacock figure on it

throw pillow covers peacock illustration colored

Spice up your bedroom with fresh linens

Throw Pillows Throw Pillows Fresh Floral Pattern Bedroom

Stylish pattern with floral motifs

pillowcases floral elements colorful beautiful

Original cushion covers in purple and blue in Ombre style

throw pillow deco ideas ombre style

Throw pillow covers with buttons

pillowcases stripe pattern fresh stylish

Floral pattern in vintage style makes the relaxation corner look livelier

pillowcases vintage floral pattern white furniture


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