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Cutting peonies: instructions and useful care tips

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Cutting and caring for peonies – general tips

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The beautiful garden , full of flowers, is a dream of many. But it also needs constant care – fertilizing, watering, cutting, fighting weeds and pests. As mentioned above, peonies are relatively undemanding, but many hobby gardeners feel unsafe when it comes to pruning. In this post, we will show you how to properly prune your peonies, as promised above, so that they bloom even more magnificently.

The peony, still known as peony, blooms in red, pink, white and yellow. The plant loves the sun, but grows faster in partial shade. She prefers wet soil rich in humus – if your garden soil is sandy you can add some compost. For the flowers, choose a place protected from the wind and dig a hole there – about 60 cm in diameter. The roots do not have to be deeper than 5 cm. The ideal time to plant is actually late September or early October – before the first frost has fallen. It is also possible in the first months of spring – but you should know that the peonies grow relatively more slowly. You have to fertilize the flowers once a year – preferably in spring. Find out below which golden rules you have to observe when cutting!

Cutting peonies: Perennial peonies

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How you cut the peonies depends on whether it is perennial peonies or the so-called “herbaceous varieties”. The first is actually not true perennials, but rather ornamental shrubs with woody shoots. The plants die above ground in winter and in spring they sprout again from the so-called “overwintering buds”. For this reason, the perennial peonies are cut off at ground level in late winter so that the plants are ready for new growth. You can do the cut in autumn if you want the garden to look neat. If your peonies are hybrid, you must do the same with them as you would with the herbaceous peonies. That means – cutting back close to the ground and only leaving the woody stalk roots.

Caring for herbaceous peonies properly

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In contrast to the perennial peonies and the hybrid varieties, the herbaceous plants are actually not cut. You can simply let the bushes grow and watch them grow more beautiful, bigger, and more magnificent over time. But you can use scissors if the plant has only bare roots. So that these branches out, and cut back into the older wood. Make sure, however, that the pruning is not too strong – at least 30 cm from the plant must remain above the ground. If the plant breaks – due to strong wind, snowfall, etc., you simply have to cut under the break. When the peonies fade, you can also cut off the old flowers – this also applies to the perennial peonies.

Peonies – further useful tips for care and wintering

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In winter the peonies do not have to be covered with mulch. The plant can survive the low temperatures without any problems and bloom even more splendidly in spring. And when it comes to protection against diseases and pests, you don’t really have to take any special measures. As already said, the plant is really undemanding and robust – it can withstand diseases very well. Ants often gather around the peonies, but they cannot harm the plant.

Hopefully, our care and cutting tips have been of help to you. The peonies can be combined particularly well in the garden with violets, roses, irises, forget-me-nots, and columbines.

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