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Daisies as a balcony plant – make the balcony more beautiful

balcony plants beautiful flowerpots english daisy colored

Daisies – A great balcony plant that brings joy and color to the balcony

The time spent on the balcony relieves tension and stress. You just lose yourself under the beauty of the colored flowers. The balcony can be transformed with a little effort into a great garden. This can either be designed with many plants, or only have a few flowers.


You could of course invest a lot of money in it, but the balcony design could also be particularly inexpensive. It depends on the number of plants and plant containers, whether you are creating the garden of dreams or creating a relatively small yet beautiful garden. What do you prefer?

Decorate the balcony in color with plants

balcony plants daisies other plants colored balcony design

A balcony design with plants should first be coordinated with a few things. Because every balcony is characterized by a different climate. So there are a number of questions to answer before moving on to the exterior design. So how big is your balcony? Will he be richly lit by the sun’s rays? Is it hot on your balcony? Or maybe windy? And of course, how much time can you spend on your balcony? Of all these key points, it depends on what kind of balcony plants you put on your balcony. As a topic of today’s article we have one balcony plant which we liked a lot. It’s about the daisy (Bellis Perennis). Learn more about this beautiful plant. If it is suitable for your balcony, why not create one?

The Daisy (Bellis perennis)

balcony plants daisies white balcony deco ideas

Daisies as hanging decoration

balcony plants daisy hanging balcony design


Daisies in elegant flowerpots

balcony plant daisies shape the balcony

Daisies with interesting flowers

balcony plant daisy species colored beautiful interesting flowers

The well-known daisy is a gentle white-leaved flower with a yellow center. This is the usual idea of ​​a daisy. It thrives well in flower pots, which makes this especially suitable as a balcony plant makes. Daisies can also occur in purple and pink shades, depending on their species. The flowers also appear in different unusual forms.

Typical daisies

balcony plant garden balcony shape ideas

The white daisy is well known to all of us

balcony plant daisy balcony garden garden

These tiny little flowers in purple are so charming …

balcony plant daisy purple flowers purple flower pot

Daisies with great flowers in white-pink

balcony plants daisy fancy flowers white pink

The daisies bloom from early spring to late autumn. The daisy not only fascinates us humans with its charm, but also attracts many butterflies …

Daisies are great as balcony plants

balcony plant daisies beautiful decoys balcony

Decorate the balcony stylishly

balcony plants balcony frame daisies

Daisies are a nice balcony decoration

balcony plants daisies balcony decorate garden

Arrange daisies next to other balcony plants

balcony plants daisy balcony plant garden design

Combine different shades in a flower pot

balcony plant balcony decorate flowers daisies

And so, would you decorate your balcony with these lovely little flowers? They give him a gentle charm!


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