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Deco with bottles – 44 suggestions on how to create an atypical decoration

Decorative bottles – ideas with bottles that bring a fresh flair to the interior and exterior

In today’s article, we introduce you to another DIY project. It’s about old useless bottles. Our picture gallery illustrates how to turn these into beautiful works of art and great decorations. Do you want to take a look as well? And maybe you spend some more time with us ?! Because we are sure, as shown in our photo gallery Decorative bottles Ideas arouse much fascination in you!

Exhibit decorative bottles as accessories in the kitchen

deco bottles kitchen design deco ideas

Carefully paint the deco bottles

Decorated bottles of paint colored flowers

Glass bottles, plastic bottles, wine bottles, perfume bottles …. All kinds of bottles are great for spicing up the interior design or adding a touch of originality to the exterior. You can use flowers, deco ribbons or paper to decorate them and turn them into beautiful accessories. Another way to turn the bottles into decorative items is to paint or write them down. Imagination is needed in any case!

Convert old wine bottles into cool plant containers

diy ideas bottles deco ideas garden garden fence

Fill the glass bottle with colored stones

deco bottles of glass bottle reuse stones

Attach bottles to the wall

deco bottles plant wall decoration

Old bottles give the imagination free rein. You can not only decorate these, but also make some useful objects from them. A lamp, a candlestick, candlesticks and other creative DIY projects give you the opportunity to reuse bottles.

Bottles as flower vases

Recycling projects fascinate more and more people. You can easily take part in this tendency by using old bottles as vases. It is not obligatory that you use only colored bottles for this purpose. Even simple glass bottles can take over this function perfectly.

In flower vases in blue shades, red flowers look cool

diy ideas creative home ideas flowers vases

The bottle in two parts and create practical Dekovasen

diy ideas bottles of deco flowers

There are also nicer bottles under the bottles

deco bottles glass bottles floral decoration table ideas

The bottle you have to edit in any case, before you turn it into a vase

deco bottles of wine bottles candle holders

Arrange several bottles in a row and create a nice table decoration

DIY Ideas Bottles Vases Floral Decorating Ideas

Plastic bottles are also suitable for vases

diy ideas plastic bottles vases flower deco autumn leaves

Paint bottles

Think of the old wine bottle as a new feature! If you paint the bottle in color or just paint in a hue, you could make this a nice decoration.

Paint the bottle with colored butterflies

Deco bottles paint colored deco ideas

Dye decovases in gold

diy ideas bottles decorate golden chic

Black painted bottles are an elegant decoration

deco bottles spray cool deco ideas

Decorate bottles

If you want to convey a beautiful message that you really believe in, you could do it through bottle decoration. Use flowers, threads or paper. And lots of creativity, of course …

Let your imagination run wild

DIY Ideas Bottles White Swipe Embassy Deco Ideas

If you want to give the interior a rustic touch

diy ideas bottles decorate deco ideas

Use different techniques when decorating the bottles

deco bottles unusual decoration ideas

Dress bottles in thread

Look at the bottles below! Do not you look very special? With hemp you can create cool accessories for interior decoration.

Rely on creative ideas if you want to spice up the interior

diy ideas bottles reuse thread decorate embassy

Choose a nice background for the bottles

deco bottles of wine bottles thread deco ideas

Green-black is a fresh combination

deco bottles thread green black deco ideas

Make lamps out of bottles

From old bottles wonderful lights are brought to the world. The designs are varied and fascinating. Such table lamps captivate the eye and make the ambience alive.

Diy ideas bottle lamp failed

diy ideas wine bottle decorating embassy lights

Use bottles as candlesticks

An interesting idea on how to reuse bottles is to turn them into fancy candlesticks. In this way you can bring a romantic mood to the indoor or outdoor area.

deco flasks candleholders rustic deco ideas

diy ideas bottles of deco candles

diy ideas bottles candleholder craft ideas

Bottles as garden decoration

Outside, you can realize wonderful DIY projects by serving bottles.

decoration bottles garden decoration ideas colored bottles

deco bottles deco ideas garden plants

diy ideas wine bottles candle holder staircase decorate

diy ideas bottles decorate painting table decoration wedding

Deco bottles Deco ideas DIY projects

deco bottles deco ideas marine theme blue thread

deco bottles decorate warm colors halloween

deco bottles diy ideas home ideas

deco bottles thread decorate flowers stuck

Decoration bottles fill stones colored

deco bottles glass bottles decorate deco ideas

deco bottles wedding table decoration ideas

deco bottles black dark red deco ideas

deco bottles wall attach plants

diy ideas deco ideas bottles gift ideas

decorate diy ideas bottles decorate

diy ideas garden decoration bottles reuse birdhouse

diy ideas plastic bottles decorate snowmen

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