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Decorate the mantelpiece and make it an eye-catcher

The skilfully designed decoration is always eyecatching and brings the special something into the ambience. In addition, it is undoubtedly different in every season, but always remains strikingly beautiful. Especially the successful decoration in a certain room perfectly expresses your style and taste, thereby showing your individuality. Now in the fall, many such options are open, so you can unfold your imagination in terms of room decoration. In the time between Halloween and New Year’s Eve, you have many opportunities to decorate your home accordingly and to celebrate each upcoming feast at home. So you can spread a festive mood in your home and celebrate in a wonderful atmosphere with family and friends. On our website you will find many great Decoration ideas for any occasion. In our article today we want to discuss the different options, how to decorate the mantel and make it an eye-catcher. Are you already looking forward?

Spread a festive mood with the matching fireplace decoration in your home

Fireplace decoration Christmas

Each fireplace is already a real eye-catcher in the room. And when he is decorated, he immediately attracts everyone’s attention. In most cases, the fireplace stands in a central location in the living room and radiates warmth throughout the house. It is always pleasant and cozy to sit in front of the crackling open fire, read a book during the day or drink a glass of wine in the evening, even to laze around.


The wall over the fireplace could be used well and decorate great

Decorate the mantel and wall surface above

The wall surface above the fireplace as well as the mantelpiece itself can be perfectly decorated on very different occasions and holidays. Here the style of decoration can vary widely – from rustic to retro to modern. And whenever a holiday is at the door, the mantelpiece must state the solemn occasion. How to do that exactly, we will explain in the next lines.

Even a modest appearing fireplace decoration with colorful autumn leaves may be noticeable

Chimneypiece decorate autumn leaves striking

In autumn, decorate the mantel with the gifts of nature

Decide this fall for a natural fireplace decoration and you can not go wrong. To bring the real autumnal flair into the house, you need a matching jewelry with the gifts of nature. Put a few tree branches with colorful autumn leaves into a vase, place a yellow decorative pumpkin next to them and then round out this great arrangement with beautiful autumn flowers in warm colors. chrysanthemums are always the first choice of many women when it comes to room decorations with beautiful autumn flowers. And rightly so, because these charming garden flowers introduce a lot of freshness and naturalness into every home. Especially on the mantel they look great. Do not forget to scatter some acorns, chestnuts and pine cones and your mantel decoration will be complete!

Arrange some pumpkins according to their size on the mantel and you already have an autumn decoration at home

Arrange pumpkins on the mantelpiece


Hollowed out pumpkins with tealights in there must not be missing on Halloween mantelpiece. But also not hollowed out pumpkins arranged according to their size look great there! They can be accompanied by other symbols of the horror festival, such as spiders and spider webs, mice and skeletons, all of which create a terrifying atmosphere and are a real eye-catcher for all ages.

Here, the children will discover sweets and small presents on St Nicholas Day

Chimneypiece decorate with stockings St. Nicholas Day

Shortly after we have celebrated the scary celebration in the circle of friends, the anticipation of the largest family celebration begins. In between, however, is the St. Nicholas Day. The festive atmosphere is felt throughout the festive season at home, but you’ll need to decorate the mantelpiece specifically for the occasion. Glittering garlands and stars, small pine branches and cones, many candles are among the Christmas decoration for the mantelpiece. One week at least before St. Nicholas’s Day red and white stockings have to hang on the mantel, because the little ones are looking forward to the little surprises in it on 6 December. At Christmas, you can even decorate the fireplace a bit more generously. Green fir branches, glittering balls in all possible colors, small and larger stars decorate the mantel in the typical for this festival colors white, red and green. Each thematically selected decorative element is at the right place on the mantelpiece. With its jewelry, you can really let your imagination run wild.

It shines and sparkles everywhere – Christmas can not be far away!

Christmas decorations Fireplace Candles Christmas tree

Picture 9: If you like stylish decoration for Christmas around the fireplace ……… ..

Old meets New on the mantelpiece

The decorative ideas shown so far mainly concern the classically designed fireplace, which is decorated and displayed from the beginning of October to the end of December. But let’s not forget the fact that you can stylishly decorate the mantel in every season and express his personal taste. Use the wall over the fireplace and hang a beautiful painting that you particularly like. Then decorate the mantel with matching decorative items, keepsakes and souvenirs or with your favorite family photos and round off your mantel decoration with fresh flowers. Or would you rather prefer evergreen house plants in beautiful pots? Here, our deco tips seem to be superfluous, because everyone can do that to their own taste, style and personal preferences.

Decorate the fireplace so that it becomes an eye-catcher in the room

Fireplace decorate eye catcher in the room

Unleash your ingenuity and create this mantel decoration that is simply close to your heart. Then you can be sure, you will also like your friends and relatives! Now scroll down and let yourself be inspired by our great decoration ideas for the fireplace!

Even the modern stove can be stylishly decorated

stylish fireplace decor over mantel

Fireplace mantel decorate candles wall mirror flowers

Mantelpiece decorate wall mirror flowers

fancy but stylish decoration over mantel fancy but stylish decoration over mantel

Show your style and taste through the mantel decoration

stylishly decorate mantelpiece

A painting on the mantelpiece completes the minimalist decoration by the fireplace

Painting mantel stylishly personal

Showcase your favorite family photos by hanging them over the mantelpiece

Decorating mantelpiece showing family photos

Or do you want to have a big mirror there?

Mantelpiece decorate wall mirror hanging eye-catching

Mantelpiece decorate wall mirrors hang eye-catching ideas

Fireplace mantel decorate wall mirror

Is it snowing outside? Only a painting can evoke so many emotions ….

Mantelpiece paintings snowy landscape

Chimney piece conspicuously decorate

Modestly decorate the mantelpiece

Bring the magic of Christmas through the matching fireplace decoration!

Decorate magic Christmas fireplace

modestly decorate the mantelpiece

Painting decoration mantelpiece

Decorative items souvenirs mantelpiece

Fireplace mantel firewood next to fireplace

wonderful decoration mantel style

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