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Decorate the nursery beautifully and safely for Christmas!

The children are those who enjoy and have fun over Christmas. To make them even more attuned to Christmas, you should also decorate the nursery for Christmas. But you not only have to come up with a beautiful decoration that will make for a great Christmas spirit, but also to use one that does not endanger the safety and health of your child. Today we would like to draw your attention to some mistakes that you would like to avoid.

Decorate the nursery for Christmas

children's room christmas decorate christmas decoration

Decorate children’s room with Christmas tree

The beautifully decorated Christmas tree immediately attracts the eyes of the smallest family members. And as much as we want to observe the happy children’s eyes in front of the blinking Christmas lights and tree decorations, there are, however, a few things that we need to consider in terms of Christmas tree decoration in the nursery.

If your child is under the age of seven, it’s better to sit on a small Christmas tree. This should also be placed on a high shelf where the child can not approach. Another important note is not to put the Christmas tree in the middle of the room. Placed so the tree can be overturned by the child at any time, which in turn can endanger his health. A truly magical atmosphere will be created by a small real Christmas tree. But here you should ensure a stable grip.

Small soft tree with full effect

children's room decorate Christmas room nursery decor

Pay attention to the resilience of the Christmas tree decoration

Be especially careful when choosing the Christmas decoration. Experts advise you to hang any small ornaments (especially those that can be disassembled) higher up on the Christmas tree so that your child can not reach them. The same applies to the garlands, which are made of wire or rope and can pose a danger. So that the base of the tree does not look boring and empty, you can decorate Christmas with plush animals, such as deer, penguins or fluffy polar bears. Another clever idea is to replace the glass beads with ones that are unbreakable.

Christmas decoration with practical use

decorate children's room ideas christmas


Practical nursery decor for Christmas

The Christmas decoration for the nursery can also have a practical side that can help you to get more organized and thus create some new habits. For this purpose you can use toy boxes with Christmas motives, where your child can motivate to clean up his things. Another good idea for Christmas atmosphere in the nursery is to exchange the sheets with those with Christmas motifs. A Christmas cuddly blanket will make the whole thing even more attractive.

Our next idea is perfect for kids who do not like slippers. Get big, colorful and fancy Christmas slippers and you’ll never find them thrown under the bed.

Creative crafting ideas for Christmas

creative decoration ideas christmas decorations

Homemade Christmas garlands

Another classic idea is to decorate the walls and the chandelier with Christmas garlands. But instead of getting a finished, made of wire and from which glittering elements fall off again and again, make yourself a garland of felt, cotton wool or paper. Again, the age of children is to be considered. The younger the child, the higher you should hang the garland. Another great alternative is to decorate the chandelier with hanging dwarfs or pine cones.

The blinking in the children’s eyes at the sight of the Christmas decoration is simply worth the gold. Be inspired by our ideas and decorate the children’s room wonderfully for Christmas.

Decorate for Christmas: a happy mood for the nursery

decorate children's room wall decorate decore nursery

Christmas decoration with dual purpose

Adventskalender tinker Christmassy decorate yourself

Create a cuddly Christmas mood with plush toys

baby room decorate interior design nursery room

Even the baby room can be decorated for Christmas

deco ideas kids room crafting christmas

decorate children's room christmassy decorate

Think of a beautiful decoration that can make for a great Christmas spirit

decorating christmas decorations

Be especially careful when choosing the Christmas decoration

children's room decorating christmas decorations christmas decorations

nursery deco ideas christmas decoration christmas decoration ideas

If your child is under the age of seven, it’s better to sit on a small Christmas tree

decorate children's room decorate nursery

decorate children's room deco christmassy

The beautifully decorated Christmas tree immediately attracts the eyes of the smallest family members

Children's room set up ideas Christmas decoration

The Christmas decoration for the children’s room can also have a practical side

decorate adventskalender christmas decorate nursery decor

decorate children's room Decorate Christmas tree

decorate wall decals nursery room christmas

decorate deco ideas children's room

The children are the ones who enjoy most of the fun and have fun over Christmas

Decorate Christmas decorate children's room

Christmas tree decorations decorate Christmas

decorate christmas decoration christmas decorations

christmas lights decorate children's room decorate christmas

make Christmas garlands yourself nursery decor


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