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Decorate the windowsill uniformly and nicely from the inside

The decoration of the windowsill from inside: every centimeter counts!

In the general pursuit of more space and uniformity in interior design, one can no longer perceive a single element in the traditional way. The window sills are no exception. They are no longer purely decorative elements. They get important functions and every inch of them is very important.

This is of even greater importance in small apartments. More and more of us have just small living space.

Additional work surfaces

windowsill decoration ideas window sills

Do you need more work space in the kitchen? You do not have to additionally constrict the space with new inserts. Use the sills as an effective work surface. In this case, you must plan this in the kitchen design from the beginning. The surface should be made of a material that corresponds to the new task of window sills.

storage space

window sill interior deco window sills

You have no place to turn everything off? Use the window sills for it! Do this with caution. If you leave items there for a long time, they should also have a decorative value. Otherwise everything looks too messy and messy.

Of course, a windowsill could also serve as a temporary storage area. For example, after purchasing you can put the products there and then sort them out.

Cozy bench by the window

window sill deco window sill inside


A small window can be very sought after thanks to its beautiful view. At this, in moments of relaxation, you can look at nature or read a beautiful book. But this works much better if you place a comfortable bench in front of it and set it up nicely.

Do not you want to turn the windowsill into something like that? Create more comfort and color by choosing a good selection of decorative cushions. They can serve as accents in the interior or correspond with the external ambience.

Comfortable workplace

decoration ideas window sill decor window sills

More and more popular are the workstations, which are attached to windows. At this point you have a lot of light. In addition, many people can concentrate very well right at the window. For this, of course, the windowsill must be high enough, or you must choose a suitable chair.

The windowsill as a complement to the interior

decorating windowsills windowsills decor

In this case, you must consult a professional designer when planning. Often you also need to integrate bespoke solutions.

The windowsill as a storage area for the pot garden

windowsills windowsill interior deco ideas

Wondering where to place the herb garden at home? There is no better way than a sunny windowsill. As a result, the space is used there decorative and you contribute much to your interior design.

Bar counter

windowsills decoration ideas windowsill deko

You refrain from chic bar area, because you have no place at home? Are you sure that’s true? Can not the windowsill in the kitchen also serve as a bar counter?

Multifunctional surface

Tips Window sill inside window sills

In many cases, the sill can perform several functions. They can work there during the day and turn them into bar areas in the evening. In between, you can also use this occasional storage space for the products you have just purchased. Do you have any other ideas?

A practical and decorative window sill design

decorating windowsilli interior decoration ideas

Only choose decoration items in one color

deco ideas deco window sill decor

Put a table lamp on the window if you are a night reader

deco window sills window sill inside

Plants are always the best decoration idea

windowsill decor deco window sills

A sunny windowsill is perfect for your potted plants

furnishing tips windowsill inside window sills

A simple decoration can sometimes say a lot more!

windowsill decor deco window sills

Use the sills as an effective work surface

windowsill decor windowsills decorating

Make a seamless appearance through glass decoration

window sill tips window sill inside

The window next to the bed can also be romantically decorated

deco window sills inside window sills

A small window can be very sought after thanks to its beautiful view

windowsills windowsill interior deco tips

Decorating ideas windowsill inside window sills

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