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Decorating and furnishing ideas, which turn your home into a small palace

Is it time for new home decorating ideas in your home? In the middle of winter you may need some of the atmosphere of a summery palace. The effort does not have to be that big! The following creative tips and interior design ideas have something royal, summery and noble about them. Most of them are universal and can register well in different stylistic furnishing concepts.

Do you like these artistic furnishing ideas?

worktable furnishing ideas living ideas

Furnishing ideas with tricks

In earlier times, the tricks almost exclusively served to adorn noble residences. That’s why well-chosen works of art are always a good strategy if you want to turn your home into a small palace. In the example above, this was achieved with relatively little effort wonderful.


The artwork on the wall is modern, but looks pretty noble because of the dark blue color. It complements wonderful as well with the lemon yellow decoration on the table which could also be used as objects of a modern still life.

The reduced arched shapes look modern and upscale

bed frame furnishing ideas living ideas

Relax the minimalist style with classic forms

The second example is something for fans of modern minimalism. Here we almost exclusively have clean lines and a neutral color palette that almost exclusively includes white, black and brown. However, some of the reduced shapes are arched rather than straight and this gives them a certain classic, yes you can say, antique character. With this approach, you can also enrich your interior.

The exotic plant and the palm patterns of the wall wallpaper spread heavenly mood

blue accent wall furnishing ideas living ideas

Furnishing ideas with patterns

Despite the modern style of furnishing, the room in the next example has something exotic or perhaps Mediterranean about it. In this case, this has been achieved through the palm patterns on the wallpaper. That’s a pretty bold solution and not everyone would dare. However cleverly used furnishing ideas would lead to similar results, even if they are used to a much smaller extent.

The deco ideas with classic patterns dominate in this bedroom

brown laminate interior design interior decoration


Noble-looking textiles

To achieve a royal flair, you can also use classy-looking textiles. The bedroom here illustrates the effect of this wonderful. They are used very widely in this room. The noble patterned bed corresponds with the magnificent, but modern curtains. The textiles and patterns on the rest of the seating furniture are just as noble.

The design of this green chair has a quite royal claim

noble textiles green furnishing ideas interior decoration

The examples just described in detail as well as all the other pictures show one thing: Thanks to very discreet but well-chosen furnishing ideas, everyone from home can make a small palace. It is important to invoke your very own associations with this topic. What works for you personally royally? Is it the great textiles, certain colors, patterns or accessories? Grab these and use them for your decoration and interior design ideas. So you have the desired effect quickly and easily!

Here you have paired minimalism with classic upscale luxury

decor furnishing ideas antique design furniture

Among all the interior design ideas, the bathtubs and some accessories are particularly upscale

furnishing ideas of the attic idea

The highlights of this design are the golden shades and the classic animal patterns

furnishing ideas gold and green

The decoration in this bedroom shows classic forms in a very reduced form

furnishing ideas light gray shades

Again, the design by the artistic design is particularly noble

furnishing ideas cuscles and colonial strokes

interior design ideas historic style

furnishing ideas Blurred colors

furnishing ideas interior furnishings wide living room

furnishing ideas interior gray and white

furnishing ideas interior design large entrance area

The beautiful fireplace decoration, whether modern or classic, always spreads royal flair in the room

interior design interior design fireplace

furnishing ideas interior furnishing wardrobe

interior design interiors beautiful bedroom

furnishing ideas interior design still life

furnishing ideas living ideas ornate wall design

Even the simplest designs look a lot more appealing with their golden and brown shades

furnishing ideas living design beautiful design

furnishing ideas living ideas play table idea

furnishing ideas living ideas bright white design

furnishing ideas living room living room vase

exotic accents interior design ideas

If you want a noble effect, you can always bet on blue and purple

striped textiles furnishing ideas

light gray and white furnishing ideas

classic ambiance furnishing ideas interior furnishings

furniture furnishing ideas interior furnishings (9)

modern broadcast furnishing ideas interior decoration

neutral environment furnishing ideas living ideas

Purple is also associated with classic luxury

orange walls interior design ideas

purple and brown furnishing ideas

purple sofa furnishing ideas living ideas

lovely room design furnishing ideas living ideas

In this case one should bet on a carpet and works of art with classical character

rich neutral palette furnishing ideas

beautiful blue walls decorating ideas of living

Scandinavian interior design interior design

In a palace, exotic plants and patterns are never lacking, right?

statement plant interior design interior design

bright white furniture furnishing ideas

great candles furnishing ideas interior decoration

great bed furnishing ideas living ideas

You could also use items with a collector’s value in the decoration!

great bedroom decorating deco

different colors antique maps deco ideas


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