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Decorating tips and interior design ideas with meander patterns

Meander is a kind of very original decorative element, which consists exclusively of rectangles. His story goes back far into antiquity. It was widely used, for example, in ancient Greek art. Precisely because of its popularity in this context, it got the colloquial name “Greek key”.

Decoration tips – description of the meander pattern

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What you do not realize at first glance is that the meander pattern consists of an unbroken line. It is broken by several rectangles and it therefore forms a large number of interior figures.

The variations of the Greek cross are almost infinite.

Typical use

The meander pattern is used almost exclusively for the execution of edges and edges.

It usually plays the role of a decorative border. With this element you decorate the floor, the walls, and often the ceilings.

Meander is one of the most popular patterns for the ceramic tiles and the design with these. It gives the interior design a classic flair. That could refine your interior and give something of the noble look of the mosaic.

A great pattern for furniture

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Decoration tips – Colored design

In principle, there are no restrictions with regard to the colored design with meandering patterns. However, there are combinations that work better than others. The best is always the classic black and white look. But there are also other good color combinations. These are, for example, brown and beige, brown and white, blue and white, orange and black, ocher and white, turquoise and black.

The four typical meander designs

There are many individual styles of execution of this pattern, and so deco ideas are so popular with him. But from the basic principle of execution, we can speak of four main types. These are the following:

  • Classic meander pattern:

A long, unbroken line, which includes different rectangles from start to finish.

  • Double meander pattern:

Two lines of the type just described, which run parallel to each other. Between these form different rectangles and squares. This type of meander has a higher decorative value compared to the first type.

  • Circular meander pattern:

A line that is closed in a circle.

Composition of several meander lines: Several meander lines, which run parallel to each other, and form different geometric figures among each other. Of all kinds this last variant has the highest decorative value.

Meander is a very original decorative element

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Matching styles of interior design

The use of this pattern is not very wide. Even in its most decorative form, it has a rather austere character. For this reason, the meander pattern is mainly used in the following styles of interior design: antique, classicism, contemporary classic, art deco, and eclectic.

Choosing this design pattern will add rigor and elegance to your interior. There you will feel a clear rhythm and order.

Interior design and decoration ideas with meander patterns

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The meander pattern usually plays the role of a decorative border

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Decoration tips – This pattern gives the interior design a classic flair

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With this element you decorate the floor, the walls and also the ceilings

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There are no restrictions on the colored design with meander patterns

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This pattern has a strict character

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Deco Tips – meander is one of the most popular patterns for the ceramic tiles

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The variations of the Greek cross are almost infinite

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Living like the Greeks!

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A bedroom full of Greek flair

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A meander pattern of mosaic tiles

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