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Decorating tips for a summery mood in your home

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5 decoration tips for a summery living atmosphere

Do you feel a little bit moodless before the summer starts? Are you sad and tired? We believe that a small change in your living environment can cheer you up.

You do not want to change your whole setup and you do not have the possibility to do so?

Do not worry! We’ll tell you some decoration tips, with which you can introduce an atmosphere full of holiday mood and sea breeze into your home.

Beach Style

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A beach style decoration is a great and easy way to add a summer breeze to your home. Typical decoration items for the beach style are the wicker baskets, glass vases and textiles in beige nuances. Wooden boxes with marine motifs will only complete the look.

Classic marine decoration

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You can always rely on the classic maritime style. Combine colors such as white, blue and red. Distribute shells and sand here and there according to your wishes … Another good idea is to place the furniture slightly differently and to put the rugs away. This gives a sense of spaciousness and freedom.

Focus on the water

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If one thinks of the summer, one defines this with the sea and the water. That is why these elements should also find a place in the furniture during the summer days. A beautiful aquarium, decorative fountain or a glass container with sand and succulents are a fitting decoration idea for this. Another great way is to create a romantic atmosphere with floating tealights.

summer colors

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It is unnecessary to burden your home with too many decorative items. You can easily refresh it with textiles in matching summer colors. Use pastel shades, emotionally charged colors like yellow and orange or restrained colors like beige and ivory. Also think of curtains or tablecloths with marine or tropical motifs.

Worn wood

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According to the interior designers, the worn wood is a top trend as a home decoration for summer 2015! You do not need to look specifically for furniture of this style. At your home you will surely find an old wooden table. You can refresh this by sanding something and use it in your interior design as a current piece of furniture again.

We hope you can implement one or the other Dekotipp at your home and thus increase your summer mood finally.

The blue-and-white pattern stripes always bring a sea atmosphere with them

balkondeko dekotipps furnishing ideas cool decoration

Use murals with shells as decoration

decoration flat decorating flat decorate

Do you feel the summer mood at this sight?

deco ideas deco ideas home decor cool deco

With curtains and bed linen you can also create a summer atmosphere

decorate bedroom decorate decoupage apartment decorate

An exuberant idea with succulents

deco ideas holiday flat cool decoration

Neutral colors for a fresh ambience

deco ideas decorate apartment cool decor

You can also make this decoration yourself

decor decorate cool decoration deco ideas

Would you like to eat them all together?

deco decoration decoration flat deco cool decor

Summery throw pillows with tropical motifs

deco ideas living room decor ideas deco ideas

A bedroom furniture with the typical maritime elements

decorating ideas decorating decorating deco ideas

Bring the marine world to your home

small aquarium decoration tips decorate home decorating

Blue glass vases for a sea breeze in your home

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