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Decoration ideas – Fruit carving and more from food

The consumption of vegetables is problematic in children and adults – it is never enough! Varied programs and articles on the topic ” healthy eating “Teach us to eat more and more varied products of this kind. But somehow the unhealthy alternatives are far too many and it is heavily advertised. For most people, it takes a special strategy to eat more fruits and vegetables. We have a suggestion for you and it might as well work for children and adults. It includes exciting decoration ideas: they contribute to the attractive appearance of your brunch or a typical meal. At the same time you make the healthy food more interesting.

Carving an apple with rose patterns – one of the most attractive and simplest decoration ideas

Apple with floral shapes deco ideas

Attractive decoration ideas with patterns for the fruits

Look at this simple apple! Due to the special patterns he becomes something special. At the same time, we usually know such decorative ideas from cakes and other tasty but not particularly healthy foods. If you like to bake successfully, you could use your skills for decoration of sweets for decorating fruits and vegetables.

First, it takes less time, secondly, you could use and perfect your skills more often, and you can make every single healthy product something attractive!

Decorating ideas turn the avocado enjoyment into a ceremony

avocado with a network of deco ideas

Make the vegetable meal a ceremony!

Perhaps your doctor has told you that having a regular diet with some kind of vegetables or fruits is especially healthy for you? Then make a small ceremony out of it! So you will truly appreciate these foods and enjoy them. Certainly this will enhance their healthy effects on your body. In the picture above, you see an avocado carved in fabulous patterns. This kind of thing will take time, but once it’s done, it’s a lot of fun. For some decoration ideas you carve the fruit so that it becomes a work of art: Fruit carving is the term for it.

Another great crafting idea with avocado! And more will follow!

avocadp with beautiful structure deco ideas

Apples should be peeled, or not?

Apples are certainly very healthy and there are several theories as to whether or not you should peel them. Of course, that depends on the specific characteristics of your own health. For people with stomach problems, the shell may not be as healthy. On the other hand, it contains a lot of fiber, which you should not always do without. You can read more about this topic in the following article! Our example above shows a compromise version and makes this delicious and healthy fruit something special in a decorative perspective. In that form you would much rather eat it than usual, would not you?

Thanks to such crafting ideas, peeling from an apple to art!

Deco ideas a great apple

And another attractive apple. With this crafting idea he is peeled just as neatly!

deco ideas beautiful peeled apple

There are no more unappealing vegetables!

The eye always eats with you! With the right decoration, there are no more unattractive foods. Neither broccoli nor any other type of vegetable will remain unfitted. This effect occurs in both children and adults. Why do not you benefit from our inspirational deco ideas for fruits and vegetables? So contribute to a healthy everyday life of yourself and your family.

With such decoration ideas, even vegetables such as broccoli become attractive to more people

decoys healthy fruits

Here are the other promised ornaments for avocado!

bienneau idea deco ideas

deco ideas avocado geometric strutkur

Deco ideas still a great avocado

Or maybe an apple with star patterns as a deco idea complacent?

Decorating apple with patterns

You can also use fish scale patterns for crafting ideas for fruits!

Decorating apple like a blossom

So attractive can be a decoration idea of ​​green vegetables!

decoides cucumbers flowers

Have you already seen such an attractive radish?

deco delicious vegetables

The exotic fruits are usually popular. But with such decoration ideas even more than usual!

deco ideas passion fruit idea

decoys beautiful peel

Some craft ideas make the fruits real works of art!

felix birds deco ideas

Three more inspiring deco ideas on “peeling”

deco ideas beautiful idea

deco ideas great apple

deco ideas beautiful apple

Still some decoration ideas with vegetables!

deco ideas beautiful broccoli

Deco ideas great vegetables and nice

And some radishes at the end!

Delicious vegetables idea deco ideas

Delicious vegetables idea deco ideas

beautiful roses decoration ideas

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