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Decorative ideas Garden with autumn flowers for a good mood in autumn

autumn flowers heliopsis helianthoides garden sunflower

Decorative Ideas Garden – Five fall flowers as you beautify the garden in the fall

Which of the two seasons – the summer or the fall is more colorful? It’s kind of hard to answer, is not it? Both have so much in it. We prefer to turn to the beauty that stands before us.

Autumn is already upon us. He brings with him the colors that many people like best.

Even in the fall, make the garden look beautiful

autumn plants garden beautify fat hens

Instead of talking about how to enrich your garden with beautiful seasonal colors, we decided to change our approach. We give you some Decoration ideas garden by introducing you to five special flower species, which we particularly like. Are you curious?

Sun Bride (Helenium)

Let’s start with a fascinating floral species that already arouses a strong interest in your name. Do you think so too? These delicate autumn flowers represent something like red, yellow, and orange flames in your garden.

Whimsical flowers with charm

decoration ideas garden sunbath helenium

Beautiful autumn flowers for the garden

deco ideas garden autumn flowers sun bride

Sunbeam can grow very tall. Therefore, it is very easy to cover some sufficiently appealing areas. The other major advantage of the flower is its ability to grow in areas with poor drainage.

Decorative Ideas Garden – Sunflowers

What is there for a more beautiful symbol of autumn than the sunflowers? These plants are also available in decorative form. Would not it be nice to feed her at home in the garden? The decorative sunflowers are wonderful outdoor accents. Not only ours but also the attention of animals and insects attract them.

The uniqueness of the sunflower

autumn flowers garden garden flowers sunflower

Sunflowers lend mood to your garden

deco ideas garden garden flowers autumn sunflower

Garden sun-eye ( Heliopsis helianthoides)

If you are familiar with beautiful autumn flowers, you must not miss the garden sun-eyed. The garden sun-eyes bloom a little earlier, already at the beginning of August. In their most beautiful color, they stay for about eight weeks. There are always new and new species. They usually have smaller and more sustainable flowers.

Small blossom with a charming appearance

decor ideas garden garden-sun-eye Heliopsis helianthoides

Refresh the garden in the fall

deco ideas garden autumn flowers Garden sun-eye

Fat hens (Sedum)

Also, fat hens could bring you a lot of joy in the fall with the right planning. Actually, this is not a species that can only be described as an autumn flower. It grows all year long. The stonecrop is an easy-to-care flower species that does not cause any problems to other plants or animals.

Put on a colorful garden design in the fall

autumn plants sedum garden decoration ideas garden plants garden beautify

Tiny flowers

autumn plants garden decoys autumn Fetthennen

Ordinary Goldenrod (Solidago)

The last addition to the autumn flowers is actually a herbaceous plant. This is especially suitable for those of you who like to see lots of lush greenery and long leaves in your garden. In the goldenrod, the leaves are complemented with beautiful fiery flowers.

Many hobby gardeners call the goldenrod “the fire heat in the garden”

autumn flowers garden deco ideas Common goldenrod

Combine autumn plants and decorative stones

autumn flowers garden beautify garden plants Common goldenrod

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