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Dekoideen Frühling – 25 ways to create a cheerful spring atmosphere at home

Invite spring home already!

Spring will definitely not be long in coming. Slowly, the tree buds are increasing in size and will soon unfold their fragrant flowers and make us happy. But you do not have to wait to start the spring mood. Try it now with some simple decorating ideas. These will certainly provide as a spring messenger for a feel-good atmosphere in your own home. This year the beginning of spring coincides Easter almost together. So you can also make your spring decoration as an Easter decoration or just combine both.

decorating spring furniture decorate yourself wooden boxes fresh colors green pink magenta duck yellow

Decorating ideas in spring – the color scheme

Traditionally, juicy green and radiant duck yellow are considered the Easter colors par excellence. In addition, there is also the rosé this year. This color trio seems to be quite fitting not only in the table decoration and the balcony design, but also for the living room, nursery and even the oasis of sleep in every home.

For those of you who like bold hues, it is advisable to use magenta instead of rosé. This makes the color trio even fresher and spreads even more joie de vivre in the room.

Decoration Ideas Spring 2018 – Home-made and upcycling with style

deco ideas spring watering can white painted paper tulips tinker conch shells pour candles

Deco ideas Spring 2018 – the color trio for the ultimate spring mood

decorating spring furniture decorate yourself fresh colors apple green yellow magenta

Another undisputed trend is the pastel colors this year. Especially light blue and pink, but also all gray nuances and other pastel shades of your choice can be combined very well and create a more relaxed mood.

Color trends for decoration ideas Spring 2018

deco ideas spring color design pastel colors color trends 2018

Decorating with used objects

The preferred colors can be entered as a polish directly on the furniture or integrated by home furnishings and dishes in the device. Quite recommendable are flea market finds, such as old dressers, bedside tables, chairs and other small furniture, which can then be easily redecorated or used coffee cups and retro plates, which are decorated with pretty floral or graphic patterns. Such objects are in principle already either in pastel or have authentic signs of wear and patina, which also provide a shabby chic nostalgic atmosphere. For even more vintage spirit, you can also use old suitcases, record players, metal lanterns, and just about any piece of antiques you like.

Gorgeous floral patterns and old porcelain

deco ideas spring dishes plate china flea market flower pattern

Paint vintage furniture in pastel colors

deco ideas spring furniture design your own pastel green nightstand side table salmon fabene coffee cups

Bring nature home

Real purists can also feel quite trendy this season, as natural decoration is considered to be absolutely in this spring. Be especially fond of delicate spring flowers, willow branches and undyed quail eggs. White, as the purist color par excellence, must of course not be missed. How about white tulips or white Easter eggs as a table decoration, for example?

Quail eggs can also be dyed in light blue

deco ideas spring diy ideas table decoration purist quail eggs white tulips

deco ideas spring diy ideas willow branches quail eggs easter eggs table decoration easter decoration make yourself

Whether you follow these or other trends and decorating ideas for your spring and Easter decoration, let your gut feeling guide you above all else. Only then will your living environment be truly spring-like for you and give you more cheerful mood and joy of life.

Also choose a fresh spring color for your bath salts

decoration spring bath decoration bath salt green freestanding bathtub

For example, you can find sumptuous tableware for spring westwing

deco ideas spring table decoration colorful glasses tableware westwing

If you like Oriental mysticism and exotic flair

deco ideas spring oriental decoration wind lights water lilies table decoration

Flower patterns are of course timeless and always trendy

deco ideas spring color design floral trend wall design throw pillow antique furniture white

decorating spring furniture self-decorating throw pillow wicker baskets ottoman wicker armchairs rattan furniture

deco ideas spring bedroom bed linen throw pillow floral curtains

Or do you prefer real spring flowers and colorful glass?

deco ideas spring color design floral trend glass bottles daffodils tulips

Of course, it is also very subtle with original DIY ideas

deco ideas spring diy ideas wall decoraton mason jars spring flowers

deco ideas spring shabby chic decoration diy ideas china tableware coffee service easter bunnies daffodils flower pot e

deco ideas spring shabby chic decoraiton make yourself mason jars diy ideas pastel colors

You can also pour candles yourself – quite simply

deco ideas spring easter decor itself make eggshell candles pour pastel colors

Pillowcases, cuddly blankets and vases

decorating spring furniture decorating throw pillow covers cover sofa photos

Light wood and rattan love white and light blue

decorating spring furniture decorate yourself fireworks color braided storage boxes wall shelves

Prepare the balcony for the spring already!

deco ideas spring furniture terrace design balcony furniture bedside table shelves balcony plants

This is also possible with the well-known color trio

decorating spring furniture decorate yourself fresh colors balcony decoration terrace cabinets chairs table

Enjoy spring to the fullest and stay inspired!

deco ideas spring coffee beans spring branches almond blossoms decoesfera


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