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Spring decoration ideas that you could keep until the summer

The spring decoration is based on strong color accents, lots of light in the room and fresh color nuances. The spring palette reflects the serene mood of the new season and the awakening of nature. Above all else, the spring decoration should give life to our interior design.

Well-chosen accents could continue to provide a wonderful base for vibrant summer decoration.

Dekoideen Spring – What must go and what can stay?

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The spring decoration begins with the tidying up. You have to get rid of garbage and old, unusable things. Therefore, you should remove many unnecessary items. These are the heavy curtains or other textiles and decorative details that are typical of the winter. The interior design must radiate lightness and freshness.

Light, natural, bright colors

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The light and bright nuances can quickly transform the atmosphere in the room. You do not necessarily have to buy new things. Instead, bring fresh light fabrics that are stored in the basement or in the cloakrooms at home.

New ideas for your spring decoration

deco flats flat deco ideas spring furnishing tips

Spring pattern: A good way to invite spring home is to use more spring patterns on textiles and fabrics if possible. These are plant designs, bird pictures, floral prints or painted green plants.

Bright and natural textiles: Cotton, linen or silk are materials that instantly create a fresh and light atmosphere. Satin bedding is a wonderful choice for the bedroom. Continue to opt for light sisal mats or floor carpets.

Natural room colors and bright color accents

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You can achieve more freshness in the room by using light nuances and soft pastel colors.

Blue, azure, turquoise recall the clear sky in spring and summer. These colors bring a refreshing, but already warm wind into your home.

Very suitable are the white deco ideas with lemon nuances. Designers draw inspiration from fruits and beautiful flowers.

Pink, coral, peach are other nuances that bring spring home. Accents in pink and red create a lively and romantic atmosphere at the same time. If you want to reinforce them further, opt for pearl shades, bright gold and light brown shades. They all remind of spring meadows with delicate flowers and herbs.

shades of grey

deco ideas spring tips for decor living room furnishing ideas

You’re probably wondering what the shades of gray in the Spring Furnishings look like. This provides the ideal background for your spring decoration. It’s the same with the earthy and mint nuances.

Room furniture and wall decoration

furnishing ideas living room decorating spring

Playfully use the furniture. Use the spring mood to integrate some smaller pieces of furniture. That could be some coffee tables or coffee tables. If necessary, place them close to windows and terraces so you can better enjoy nature.

Transformation and summer decoration

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Decorating ideas like these have a character that suits both the early and late summer. In addition, this type of spring decoration serves as a wonderful base for summery interior design. You just need to add some lusher colors and bold accents to achieve a fabulous effect.

That’s exactly how nature does it!

Fresh flowers are always an excellent room decoration

deco decoration ideas spring furnishing tips

Accents in pink and red create a lively and romantic atmosphere at the same time

wall decoration deco ideas spring deco bedroom

D The spring decoration should above all give new life to our interior design

Flat Decorate Decoration Ideas Spring Deco Tips

Decoration Ideas Spring – Get inspiration from fruits and beautiful flowers

deco ideas spring flat decorate floral deco

Get in the mood for the coming summer through colorful wallpapers

decoration ideas bedroom decorating spring

The interior design must radiate lightness and freshness

decoration ideas deco ideas spring deco tips

A summery bathroom

deco bathroom bad ideas spring furnishing tips

The light and bright shades can change the atmosphere in the room very quickly

deco de toes livingroom deco dekoideen spring

Create a summer mood in the room with murals

decorating deco decorating spring

Use more spring patterns on textiles and fabrics if possible

schabby chic style deco ideas spring

Continue to opt for light sisal mats or floor carpets

furnishing tips apartment deco ideas spring tips

deco ideas spring tips for decor living room furnishing ideas

Introduce more spring mood into the living room through pattern carpets

carpet deco decorating spring room decorate decorating spring deco tips

Make your personal decoration for spring

decoration living room decorating spring


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