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Design classics as inspiration for the home design!

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Nine design classics for your interior design

At the beginning of any interior design project, we ask ourselves which style we choose for our interior design. This decision plays a fundamental role in our well-being later.

But the design classics alone offer a wide selection.

Do you know which ones are currently valid?

Below is an overview of the most popular:

Modern minimalism

minimalist design classics home decor home decor

With this design classic you would have to be very precise. Just a superfluous detail can destroy the balance in the room. The focus is on simplicity. It is complemented by garish accents and thus spiced up.

The pieces of furniture usually have a geometric shape (long rectangles, circles, squares). Also typical are the clean surfaces, which almost completely do without props.


furniture ideas design classics furnishing ideas living room set up


Maybe you are a bit confused now. The classic as a style and the design classics are two different things. The first term refers to luxury in its traditional way, and the second – the styles most popular since the very beginning of design.

The classic is refined. Within this style everything is perfectly processed down to the smallest detail. This is a typical sign for the furniture as well as for the decoration and the lights.

Herbal elements and traditional motifs are often included as themes.

Sometimes even whole scenes of legends and legends are used.

Rural style

country style design classics furnishing ideas set up kitchen

This style is characterized by rough and rough features. This affects both the structural elements of the furniture, as well as the decoration. Wood plays a big role in the rural style. It is used in wall cladding, furniture design and decoration.

Typical are, for example, lights made of tree branches and branches.

The rural style was first used in villas and houses outside the city. More and more often, however, the urban people striving for harmony also opt for it. He registers himself particularly well in suburbs with a lot of nature and single-family homes.

Reinterpreted classic

interior design ideas design classics home decor

This too has become a design classic. The name says a lot about the style. It refers to the classical, but interprets their forms in a modern and innovative way for the present time. Designers of the reinterpreted classic love to match new and old styles and elements.

Some traditional materials, such as gold or silver, are introduced into the reinterpreted classic in the form of colors. This makes this style a lot more classic and practical.

Retro style

retro design classic room set up home decor

The retro style takes up the styles of the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century. These epochs are very different. But at the same time, they can be combined well with one another, because they have essential common characteristics, such as: Geometric shapes, lines, printed patterns, etc.

The Pop Art patterns are at home in this design classic.

Maverick style

maverick design classics interior design room design

As a child of the most modern times, the Maverick style is particularly forward-looking. Here one observes a strong inventive aspect. This style-facing designers are unconventional. The specific structures of the style are typically achieved by joining together various pieces, covering volumes, and applying volume-spreading colors.

However, none of these unconventional approaches should be seen as an end in itself. Rather, the designers break known patterns, thus spreading the idea of ​​”practical” and “adaptable”.

Contemporary style

Furnish design classics living room

This design classic seeks balance, as does contemporary society. Warm and bright nuances are combined with pastel colors in such a way as to create a sense of harmony and calm.

The balance and the relaxation are to be considered as main purposes. Even the modern comfort is preferred for this reason. Innovative materials imitate wood and other traditional textures and fabrics that give you the feeling of warmth and security. Upholstery and leather with elegant shine and modern surface finish are also common.

Velvet, plush and upholstered furniture are common.

Some experts believe that contemporary style is synonymous with modern Scandinavian.

Do you have a favorite style? Or choose a concrete design classic as a favorite for your interior design?

Decorating ideas with pictures and colorful textiles as an encouragement of the monochrome device

deco living room wall deco design classics decorating ideas

Designer classic for the dining area

design classics furnishing ideas classic interiors

The combination of several styles could be too intrusive!

furnishing ideas design classic rooms

An inspiration that you can introduce into your home

furnishing ideas room design classics

Make the modern kitchen a rural character with decorative items

kitchen set up design classics home decor kitchen

Modern minimalist bedroom design

bedroom furnishings design classics home decor bedroom

A warm romantic atmosphere in country house style

design classics country style home decor home decor

The upholstered furniture is and will remain an eternal classic

home decor furnishing ideas living room design classics

The decoration should also be divided accordingly stylish

living room decorate design classics living room

The different chairs are a great eye-catcher

living room inspiration design classics home decor room setup


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