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Design Girl Rooms – cool designer tips will help you decorate your little girl’s room

girl room design nursery decorating ideas sibling orange

Design Girl’s Room – Add funky themes and originality to the nursery decor

We all know these beautifully aligned girls’ rooms with the appropriate bedding, the uniformly executed window frames and perfectly applied decorative accents there. Everything has its purpose. Everything is beautifully decorated and the dominant color is pink.

Also in the room below you have carefully selected the linen and there you have the window frames and the decoration executed with the utmost care. But here we also see surprising touches, unconventional motifs and originality, which motivates you to take a look twice.

Do you want more wonderful and original furniture for girl’s rooms? Then scroll down and read on!

Eclectic spaces

Let’s start with the eclectic. Let’s face it: the kids love the variety. It is difficult for them to keep a room tidy where everything has a specific place. The taste of the children changes and they will bring along many art projects from the school. So the variety of styles will be even greater.

That’s not bad in an eclectic room. It can be changed to the taste of your children.

It can also be very stylish, and that’s exactly what the room shown below looks like. Look closely at the patterned bed linen. This fits the strategically arranged books and beautiful hanging lights, right? [according to Lonny ]

Cool interior design ideas for the girls room

girl room design eclectic nursery decorating ideas

Walls with yellow stripes, art gallery style displays, vivid shades and a mix of patterns adorn this eclectic space. Somehow everything fits together wonderfully … [loud Lonny ]

Exhibition of art in gallery style

girl's room decor eclectic nursery wall paint light yellow

Here we see the same room from a different perspective. We see a workspace with a touch of shine. This is achieved by a lacquered table and an acrylic chair. Fancy details such as vivid table lamps, artworks that have been painted in gold and mismatched cushions make for a laid-back look. [according to Lonny ]

Stylish and modern study corner

girl's room decor eclectic nursery wall paint light yellow desk

Do not be afraid to be modern. The girls’ room can contain many contemporary touches and yet not seem “too grown-up”. The wall art with birds is a wonderful example of this. The golden hanging lamps are also very child friendly and give the room a peculiar character. [according to Dwellstudio ]

Wall art with decorative birds

girls room design eclectic nursery decorating ideas bed

Sometimes, the best decor for an eclectic room is choosing a type of bedding that can be used in many different decorative styles. So you will use it again and again, despite the changed taste of your child. [according to Dwellstudio ]

Mix the styles

girl room design eclectic nursery decorating ideas bed green wall

In an eclectic space, the creativity of the child is promoted. So here you can choose a DIY wall decoration project together. In this case it consists of different hats. [according to Lonny ]

In an eclectic space, the creativity of the child is promoted

girl room design nursery decorating ideas wall hats

Furnishing ideas for more shine

Remember the yellow room above, which includes as many glossy touches as the lacquered table. Now we focus on a series of rooms whose designers are not afraid of the glamorous appearance.

It should not be misunderstood chic here as musty. Below are examples in which the glamor meets the Bohemian style. Striking are the special touches like the tufted sofas and the upholstered headboards. [according to Lonny ]

Do not be afraid of the glamorous appearance

girl room design nursery decorating ideas bed sofa

Many of the contemporary glamorous rooms include vivid colors. The girls room downstairs is full of bold colors like orange and pink. You can also recognize neon … [loud Ana Donohue Interiors ]

Vibrant color combinations are trendy

girls room design nursery decorating ideas color accents

The same shading occurs in the next example. There you can also see other glamorous details such as the pillows in a Hollywood style and the carpet with the zebra print. Crisp-looking, tailored bedding complements the look of the room. Along with the other eclectic details, the room gets a rather eclectic character. [according to Ana Donohue Interiors ]

Room with eclectic character

girl room design nursery decor ideas siblings yellow

When talking about crisp rooms with glamorous accents anyway, adding a child-friendly aspect is particularly important. That makes the room down-to-earth and that’s what the kids who live there need. [according to Lonny ]

Great photos of your kids on the wall

girl room design nursery decorating ideas sibling orange

I think the way pink and white are combined here is simply gorgeous. The result was a bold and meaningful atmosphere. This is thanks to the pink and organ nuances and the glamorous accents like the hexagonal mirror and the chandelier (according to Katie Rosenfeld Design)

Mix colors such as B. pink and white

girl room design nursery decorating ideas wall paint pink

Here we see again the colors pink and orange. The gorgeous bedroom below includes these colors and they were wonderfully complemented by touches of green, purple, yellow and brown. There are also closing accessories like a birdcage. They make the decadent, lively character of the room (according to Katie Rosenfeld design)

Create a lively atmosphere

girl room design nursery decorating ideas wall paint bedding

Do you want an example of how to make a room chic and not stuffy at the same time? Here it is! You have to choose interesting, carefully selected details. In our case, this is the Ikat window treatment, the silver soft stools, the works of art in pink and the lamp with the wide banding. [according to S. B. Long Interiors ]

Pastel colors and silver accents

girl room design nursery decor ideas wall paint pastel yellow

Another note: The room must always have a somewhat bizarre character. Because in the end this is a children’s room! The matching furniture and bed linen are for adults. On the other hand, the cuddly soft decorative duvets, the hanging lamps with floral motifs and the playful combination of patterns are what make creativity prevail here! [Image of Michael J. Lee Photography for Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design]

The room must always have a bizarre character

girl room design nursery decorating ideas siblings light green wall murals

Fresh and fruity

In the end, I want to dedicate a bit of attention to a currently so popular motif: the fruits!

They are more and more common in the children and baby rooms. Why? Because they are contemporary and funny. Furthermore, they fit with many different styles. [according to Lonny ]

Fruits always occur in children’s rooms

girl's room design nursery decor ideas deco travel

Consider applying the fruity accents. Below we can see what a great impression the apple can make within the crowd of works of art. The fruit motifs look beautiful on the window as well. [according to Lonny ]

Fruity accents

girl room design nursery decorating ideas siblings wall decoration drawings

Accessories with fruit motifs such as the cushions are a big focus. Below we see the motif, filled with pink and green. [The Land of Nod]

Accessories with fruit motifs

girl room design nursery decorating ideas siblings throw pillow apple

Also, let’s not forget that the bold fruit designs are the perfect accessories to modern interior designs. The pillows from the last picture show the design of the company Jane Foster. [ Jane Foster via Baby Style File ]

Remember how perfectly these cushions complement the design of the chairs?

girl room design nursery decor ideas throw pillow pattern apple

Hopefully you can find yourself and your girl in one of the displayed interior design ideas! We wish you every success in the design of the room.


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