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Design the corridor and take advantage of it practically!

So you can make beautiful, but also practically the corridor

Let the hall take on a more important role in the interior direction! There are many possibilities for that. Evaluate it well. Many of them are practical and you get a seamless look.

Library in the hallway

corridor design corridor design corridor set up

The long and narrow corridor is usually great for the library. Integrate open shelves and arrange the books according to aesthetic criteria.

Show the beautiful dishes

corridor decorating hallway corridor design

Little space for all the beautiful dishes in the kitchen? This can be in other places in the apartment. The more representative pieces look great even in a beautiful open shelf in the hallway.

Show green thumbs

indoor plants hallway design ideas
Create a mini garden next to the window in the hallway. It is ideally located next to a window. Combine with a mirror that enhances the effect of light and green color.

Put your shoes down

hallway corridor shape interior design ideas

All pairs of shoes can be taken out of the cloakroom and placed in a special cabinet in the hallway. This is a smart and economical solution.

Create a comfortable seating area.

A wide corridor easily accommodates a bench. So you expand the living space and make every wait more pleasant.

storage room

Corridor set up hall facility corridor design

Instead of storing in the basement, you can conveniently store bicycles, toys and sports accessories in the hallway. Often such items are decorative and they turn into real eye-catchers.

Wine and delicatessen for the reception

corridor design wall design flue

Modern kitchen trends bring out fine wines and other home-made products. They are visible to prepare us for the taste and enjoyment. Actually, they fit very well with an entrance hall. In front of their view, the guest feels really welcome.

A work table in the hallway

corridor design corridor shape hallway set up

If all rooms are occupied, the hallway could be the best place to hide your work from home. This often applies even at night and is often the case in modern apartments with little space.

Hang up your beautiful clothes

corridor set up corridor furnishing ideas

A few beautiful and representative garments will serve as a great introduction to your lifestyle. Let some of them hang in the hall.

Let the hall take on a more important role in the interior direction

Hallway decorating furnishing ideas

Make sure that your mirrors are enlarged optically

furnishing ideas hallway corridor design hallway set up

The shoe cabinets are a smart and economical solution

furnishing tips corridor fashion hall facility

corridor furnish furnishing tips hallway design

Design the corridor – Create a comfortable seating area

hallway corridor design

Also as a picture gallery can be set up in the narrow corridor


Design the corridor – a great solution for very small apartments

corridor design kitchen ideas set up small apartment

The long and narrow corridor is usually great for the library

corridor design hallway corridor design

Design the corridor – Take advantage of the wall niche in the hall practically

design practical furnishing tips hallway

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