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Design the corridor – impressive furnishing ideas for the hallway

corridor shape living ideas corridor furnishing tips

When guests knock on the door …

If we expect a visit and this already knocks outside, we open the front door with a warm welcome! We invite our guests to some pleasant entertainment lessons. We will open the gates of our fortress. And there, the hall welcomes the guests friendly and leaves the first impression …

Many times we have repeated it, and we say it again – the chance to make a good first impression, we have only once!

That is why the hall has the task of showing us the best side as a host!

Actually, this is one of its glittering features! The other is much more common, but more important for the inhabitants. A warm corridor atmosphere should welcome us as soon as we enter dws house and make sure to leave all our worries behind. The hallway should be made very practical.

Furniture for hallway design

interior design corridor furnishing ideas corridor design

And because we love challenges, we start from the back to the front … What do we need in hall furniture? First of all – a small side table and a lower cupboard or shelf on which we can deposit our keys. Then we need a coat hook on which we can hang up our heavy outerwear, a shoe cabinet and maybe even an umbrella holder. A spacious hallway could be set up with moduls or fitted wardrobes. These offer you the opportunity to keep all unused jackets and bags tidy and hidden.

The hall mirror is a must

interior design corridor corridor fashion corridor


Oh, we must not forget the mirror … This not only visually enlarges the room, but also gives us self-confidence and self-esteem every day when we go out of the house … On the whole, these are the mandatory furniture for every floorboard. Then follows the work for the actual corridor design.

Matching flooring is a must! You should clean it quickly and easily

corridor set up corridor shape home interior corridor

The floor is usually laid with light caring ceramic tiles. These help us to clean the hallway quickly because we accidentally bring dirt off the street when we come in.

Design the corridor – the walls

corridor furnishing ideas living ideas corridor corridor framing

Here it is quite interesting, because there are numerous Deko possibilities and wall design ideas. Whether you choose one for the overall picture of the house, contrast color or not opt ​​for any, is entirely up to your personal preferences. Latex paints and wallpaper are also a good solution. However, a partial or complete wall decoration with decorative or bricks will certainly leave a big impression on your guests.

Design corridor – Decorative wall niches

corridor shape home interior corridor corridor set up

Decorative wall niches that you can design with the help of plasterboard are definitely a great eye-catcher. When these accents are highlighted with direct or integrated light, your entryway becomes the shining business card of your home.

The ceiling design

wall design corridor corridor shape home interior corridor

And as we speak of the light, we look up to the ceiling. A “starry sky” made of many small ceiling lights or geometric suspended ceiling constructions will certainly be the icing on the cake of your corridor interior!

The combination of several colors is much more interesting

furnishing tips hallway furnishing corridor design

Design the corridor – the white color is a symbol of cleanliness

corridor furnish living ideas corridor furnishing tips corridor shape

Please come in!

furnishing ideas corridor shape home interior corridor

Show your love of art already at Eingag

corridor set up home decor corridor shape

Set up the spacious hallway with fitted wardrobes

home idea corridor shape home interior corridor

Make a hallway – Put on a rug for a cozy home feeling

corridor design furnishing tips corridor hallway set up

Let the hall tell its own story

corridor design wall design corridor furnishing ideas

Design the corridor – Decorate the wall with pictures of your children or grandchildren

interior design corridor hallway corridor design

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