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Design the front yard – plan everything in advance to avoid mistakes!

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The usual mistakes people make when designing their front yard

When you imagine your own dream front yard, it always looks like the title page of a garden magazine. But often the results, in other words, are not exactly what you would expect. But can you do something to bring dreams and reality closer together?

Sometimes you have to keep the enthusiasm under control. Here are some sober rules that will not mitigate your gardening fun, but will lead to better results in practice.

Tall trees next to the house

front garden landscaping front yard landscaping ideas

By tall trees we mean those that are over three meters high. Some people let them grow pretty close to the house without worrying about the damage they might cause. Also, they can block the view from the windows.

Controlling the process of growing these tall trees is usually a very cumbersome task. In the long run, it usually spoils the fun of most people.

Many plants that spread quickly

garden design garden front yard garden design


In the beginning, such plants in the front yard are a real help. They cover many large areas and everything looks more appealing. But at some point, as with the trees, it is quite difficult to keep them under control.

Planning in the short term

front yard pictures garden front garden ideas

If you plan the front yard, you would like to have all four seasons in mind. Some hardy plants, if not most, would have to be used in spring. If you miss this moment, your winter will be lean and gray.

But let’s leave the winter! Also, you should plant for the summer according to a deliberate plan, if you want everything covered with green and many colors until the end of the season.

Realistic evaluation of the possibilities

garden design garden front yard garden ideas

You must be absolutely clear what the effort in the garden represents. Will you be able to adequately manage all selected variants through your work? If not, look for alternatives. A poorly maintained garden brings more frustration than joy.

Plant the paths

front gardens front garden landscaping garden ideas front garden design

The green paths in the front yard are a dream! But you have to choose the plants very carefully. They may grow so much that they block your view or at least worsen it. At some point it may be so far that you can hardly go through. You certainly did not want that, did you?

What is the current situation in your front yard with the mediocrity between inspiration and awareness of reality?

A design idea for the small front garden

garden design garden front yard garden ideas

Make for pleasant hours in the garden

garden pictures garden front yard garden ideas

A wheelbarrow will make your garden much more interesting

front yard pictures

How do you like this garden design?

front gardens landscaping front garden landscaping

Light your garden path with solar lamps

front gardens landscaping front garden landscaping front garden landscaping

Through a beautiful front garden you draw even more the views of your house

front garden landscaping ideas garden front garden landscaping

An exuberant front garden design with succulents

front garden ideas garden front yard pictures

Consider a small place to drink coffee

front yard ideas garden front garden landscaping

Plant your garden with different seasonal flowers

front yard ideas garden landscaping front garden landscaping

Design your garden in a colorful way

front yard garden front yard ideas front yard design


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