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Design wooden wall according to the latest trends!

When it comes to stylish wall design, our editorial team is able to offer an extremely wide selection of ideas imagine. Today, we want to focus on the natural look and look at the wooden wall and its design. The theme captures the latest designs for the year 2018 and shows what options are best for homeowners today.

Wooden walls are very popular in Germany, although they are typical of Scandinavian and minimalist designs. Smooth wood surfaces can be discovered for every taste and provide a great deal of interest. Wood offers many advantages in interior design and brings natural charm and perfection in every room. As a rule, wood walls are considered the best alternative to wooden decoration elements. The shades and elegant curves of the wood panels retain the warmth within your home. This is considered an important benefit for many homeowners in the winter.

Design modern aesthetics in every room

Wooden wall laying the panels

Wooden wall and LEDs in combination

Again and again, design lovers are reaching for creative and unique ideas that, thanks to their individuality, create an elegant look. A good example of this is the LED strips. These decorative elements enhance the wall design positively. The strips provide a representation of different motifs or tones with colorful effects.

Accompanied by colors such as white, blue and even purple, the LEDs lend aesthetics to every room. Wooden walls will also be styled with smartphone-controlled LED lighting, which is considered a striking design feature. The clever lighting comes from the “nothing” and attracts many curious glances. An important advantage of LEDs is that these combine dark and light wood in a wonderful work of art.

Strategically integrate LED strips

Wooden walls designs

Wooden Walls Designs for 2018: Horizontal, Vertical or with Motifs

The wooden walls offer a high versatility in design. Minimalist, luxurious or Scandinavian could be any room designed as soon as you have a clear approach. Of course, the wooden walls should be combined with the matching pieces of furniture. Jewelry, potted plants and elegant shelves bring the wooden wall even better to light.


Wooden walls with creative designs provide the rustic beauty that many families desire. It is very important to develop the optics in a completely different direction, for example with a horizontal laying of the panels. This step is considered atypical and is preferred by many design lovers. This decoration is reminiscent of an old tree house from childhood and thanks to the warm and simple contrasts you get a sensational result. Horizontal installation is one of the most popular ideas for wooden walls. It is no secret that many wood panel manufacturers focus on these types of products. The high selection of colors allows a nice combination with parquet floorboards or similar wooden floor designs.

The horizontal installation gives the room a welcoming atmosphere

Wooden walls designs decoration


Would you like a unique wall design that attracts curious looks from afar? If yes, then we recommend the vertical installation. The special thing about this design is that it offers a versatility that brings many benefits to your household. An interesting design is the combination of the floorboards with the lines and shades of the wooden wall. This gives a creative appearance in every room and looks very stylish. In the living room you can best use this idea.

Connect the wooden wall to your floor design

Wooden wall wall design ideas

Motifs with wood panels

Again and again, homeowners are looking for creative interior design ideas that can positively enhance the property. The last trend with wooden panels is considered very individual. For this, motifs or shapes are designed using the panels. Similar to the LED lighting design, forms with wood panels such as geometric figures and similar representations offer a unique look. The irregular lines give every room an imaginative look!

Thanks to the large selection of variants you have the opportunity to design an individual wooden wall. After our editorial team has presented the details of this wall design, we would like to go a step further and present a well-selected picture gallery. Let yourself be inspired by the latest ideas for the year 2018!

Creative and unique wall design

Wooden wall and wooden panels

The wooden wall ensures a natural look

wooden wall

Horizontal and 3D laying of wood panels

minimalist designs wooden wall

Individuality in the room creates an elegant look

nice combination wooden wall

Natural look with wood panels

Wall design made of wood

Colorful look

Wall design wood ideas

Alternatives with motives

Wall design wooden wall tips

LED lighting design ensures perfection

Wooden wall with wood panels

Elegant installation of wooden panels

Wooden wall design

Elegant look in the bedroom

Wooden wall design feature

Light and dark wood in combination

Wooden wall planks

Plan clever lighting

Wooden wall unique wall design

Choose stylish and striking wood panels

Wooden wall individuality ideas

Fancy look in every room

Wooden wall with clever lighting

Design a wooden wall with creative presentation

Wooden wall with elegant curves

Enjoy the elegant shades

Wooden wall natural look

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