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Designer lamps in the modern bedroom

designer lamps bedroom light up ideas

Select designer lamps for the bedroom

A bedroom is a place for intimacy, romance, and relaxation – the private area where you retire and recharge your batteries. So here you can not compromise with comfort. Pay attention to all furnishing aspects and pay attention to even the smallest details.

In this regard, we would like to devote our attention to room lighting today.

If you want to furnish your bedroom in a romantic and comfortable way, then think of the right lighting. Bedroom furniture is important, but the light sources give the room the finishing touch and transform it into a lively ambiance. If your bedroom also needs an invigorating touch, then put on stylish Designer lamps, Here you will find many examples and useful tips on how you can effectively illuminate your bedroom and what light sources you need it.

Current trends in lighting design

designer lamps bedroom wall lamp frame cable black

The atmosphere in the bedroom can be strongly influenced by the lighting and therefore this furnishing aspect should not be underestimated. You should consider the functional and the aesthetic side.

For functional bedroom lighting, you should use different light sources. A chandelier alone is definitely not enough. Plan bedside lamps and/or sconces and possibly floor lamps.

As for aesthetics, that’s a matter of taste. Nevertheless, you can get advice from experts in this area, what is “in” and “out” and which designer lights would fit well with your interior design style. If you do not have the time to visit all the light stores in the city, then you can be smarter and browse for matching bedroom lights on the Internet. This gives you an overview of several products and you can find what you are looking for faster.

Be inspired by our examples and furnish your bedroom with chic designer lamps!

Modern pendant lights in the bedroom

designer lamps bedroom chandelier frame gold

Different light sources

Insert different light sources in the room. The combinations that emerge come alive and complement each other.

Fairy lights on the wall, table lamp and pendant lamp in combination

designer lamps bedroom lights wall lamps nactual lamp pendant light

The chandelier – the classic in terms of lighting

Choose a stylish chandelier if you want to furnish your bedroom in a classic style. Two bedside lamps in the same style would also fit perfectly.

A classic decision

designer lamps bedroom chandelier design

The modern interpretation

designer lamps bedroom chandelier braided

Gold accents and elegant design

designer lamps bedroom chandelier square gold

Pendant lights instead of table lamps

You can replace the classic table lamp with a pendant lamp above the bedside table. This will give your bedroom a modern and playful look. Be experimental and always open to new ideas!

Simple hanging lamp over the bedside table

designer lamps bedroom pendant light plain

Adjust the pendant lights to the correct height

designer lamps bedroom pendant lights bedside lamps

The pendant lamp plays a central role here and the wall lamp is a supportive one

designer lamps bedroom pendant lamp black


The sconces are very popular in the bedroom. Installed in the immediate vicinity of the bed, they are the best solution for bedroom lighting. Again, different variants are needed. Take a look at the pictures below and find your favorite!

Attached to the wall with a wooden ring

designer lamps bedroom wall lamp mount

Adjustable sconces

designer lamps bedroom sconces on both sides bed

An elegant version in white

designer lamps bedroom wall lamps and chandeliers

Simple and minimalist in black

designer lamps bedroom wall lamp plain

The natural wall color is inviting and can be combined well with the light gray

designer lamps bedroom wall lamp plain wood color

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