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Designer lampshades and lamp feet made of clay – great accents for your home

Designer lampshades painted according to an old method, called marbling technique

In today’s post we would like to introduce you to 2 creative minds. Liliana and Svilen design elaborate and unique table lamps together and you will present your work in the following.

Stay tuned and discover how unique designer lamps are brought to life … Lampshades are painted using an old technique and lamp feet are made of clay.

Every table lamp is unique

Designer Lampshades Marble Technique Lamp Feet Sound Unique floor lamp

We are two creative minds who have a common project – designing great and special lamps

I Liliana, paint and design lampshades and textiles, design cushions and mats. You can do everything under and on Facebook home accents admire.

Svilens company “Angelloart” produces unique lamps and accessories. You can learn all about this topic at

Together we make a cooperation and give wings to our ideas

I – Liliana, paint the fabrics with oil paint according to an old method, the “marbling technique”. The fabrics used are all made of cotton.

Svilen makes the feet of the lamps. These are all made of clay, which are fired at about 1000 ° C in the oven and then painted with different colors and paints suitable.

The lamps are 100% designed and made by us, so everything is handmade. The lampshades can also be ordered separately and used as a hanging lamp.

Marbled lampshades – colorful design

Design Lampshades Marble Technique Lamp Legs Ton Designer Table Lamps

The lampshades are also perfect for hanging lamps

Designer Lampshades Marble Technique Pendant lights

Each lamp is a unique, hand-painted one, so we can not offer 2 identical bulbs, but they can be made almost the same. This way, all our customers can be sure that they will each purchase a unique product.

The lamps are suitable for any living space, but also for example. for a hotel lobby, for hotel rooms, restaurants of all kinds etc.

The lamps are made entirely by hand

Designer lampshades marbling lamp feet clay

Light on for creativity!

Design Lampshades Marble Technique Lamp Legs Sound Unique desk lamp

As a table or hanging lamp, the lampshade is a remarkable homebent

Designer lampshades marbling technique cotton oil paints pendant light


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