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Desktop background for brave and imaginative people

Desktop background for an original interior

The following fancy desktop background images are certainly not for everyone. But many of you might admit that you dream of such a thing. Dare something!

The epic, apocalyptic and similar desktop backgrounds – images can be motivating for your work, and provide welcome change.

Warning: All of the following desktop background pictures show something epic, crazy, but maybe also childish!

If you select them, you may also be considered by someone to be a person of bad taste.

On the other hand, life is too short to be ever so reserved and to let your own fantasies run wild.

Desktop background as a decoration

wallpaper desktop backgrounds desktop wallpaper

The big PC screens can play a significant role in the room decoration. Remember, too, if you choose them.

It ‘s up to you to decide where to use such unusual desktop wallpaper images. If you really want it, you will certainly find a suitable context.

We consider it our task to provide you with an overview of modern and exciting topics.

Deep Space Desktop Background Pictures

wallpaper desktop background cool wallpapers

The first group of desktop background images is for dreamers who like to float freely above reality. You can simply attach a picture of our galaxy or fabulous constellations to your PC. This will remind you again and again how far the perspectives in life are and how little it pays to be annoyed about trifles.

Apocalyptic pictures

cool wallpapers desktop wallpaper background


Desktop wallpapers are often inspired by apocalyptic notions about the end of our world. They are imaginative and gorgeous. They also remind us not to accept anything in life as a givenness. Such desktop background images make even from our life at home something special and unique.

Desktop Pictures – Artworks

wallpaper cool background pictures desktop

Would you prefer something more down-to-earth or at least more optimistic when choosing desktop background images? Then choose abstract modern artworks as the topic of your screensaver.

Desktop background images with mythical creatures

desktop wallpaper desktop backgrounds desktop backgrounds

The desktop background images with mythical creatures continue to be very popular. Is there a being with whose power and abilities you somehow identify? Bring it to the wall and give your personality a wonderful expression.

The wonderful nature

wallpapers bilschirmhntergrund desktop wallpaper

How is it that desktop background images with nature scenes look fancy? You have been very popular before, have not you? We have moved away from nature in the last few decades and urgently need their closeness again.

In addition, nature pictures made by modern photographers are often simply unreal. Sometimes they seem somehow abstract and give us that special feeling for life.

3D pictures from your favorite movie

3d desktophintergund desktipbilder

3D pictures are not just typical for the cinema. They appear as desktop background images. Maybe you want to keep a favorite scene from a very popular movie in mind? The 3D desktop background images give you this opportunity.

Give your desktop a great design

apokalypsis desktop screenshot wallpaper background

Show something epic, crazy, but maybe also childish based on your desktop background!

desktop background wallpaper desktop backgrounds

Show your humorous personality on your desktop

desktop backgrounds desktop wallpaper

Choose a cool wallpaper

cool background pictures desktop wallpaper

Maybe one of the inspiring wildlife

background desktop background cool wallpapers

A desktop image for dreamers

desktop background desktop wallpaper desktop background

Funny animations for more mood

desktop wallpapers cool desktop wallpaper

Minimalism also for the computer

cool wallpapers wallpaper desktop images

Are you a summer fan?

desktop backgrounds desktop wallpaper

Desktop background – careful! Danger!

wallpaper desktop wallpaper background background

desktiopbilder cool wallpaper desktop wallpaper

A nice green background picture

cool wallpapers background wallpaper

A mysterious wallpaper for the Apple fans

desktop backgrounds desktop backgrounds desktop wallpaper

Imaginative and crazy desktop picture

deskto background desktop wallpaper desktop wallpapers

The desktop as a motivation for positive thinking

desktop background cool wallpapers desktop

desktop backgrounds desktop wallpaper desktop background

beautiful wallpapers desktop wallpaper background

desktop backgrounds wallpaper desktop wallpaper

epic desktop background wallpaper desktop backgrounds

background picture desktop wallpaper desktop wallpaper

cool background wallpaper desktop wallpaper desktop backgrounds

beautiful wallpapers desktop wallpaper

beautiful wallpapers desktop wallpaper


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