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Discover the multifaceted variety of balcony plants!

balcony plants flowers vegetables fruit plants

Spring awakening on the balcony with the appropriate balcony plants

When the saints say goodbye in mid-May, you can also plant heat-loving herbs, flowers and vegetables on the balcony. Unlike in the garden and on the terrace always plays the weight of the balcony planters a role.


If you want to populate your balcony with flowers and vegetables and fruit plants, you should choose light planters and keep an eye on the total weight.

Flowers and herbs enchant with color and scent

Very charming is a mixture of traditional balcony flowers like petunias, roses, pelorgons and clematis with meadow flowers. Margarites are suitable for this,
white yarrow and bluebells. Also cranesbill, vetch and daisy and many others look pretty in combination with the popular balcony flowers.
Particularly graceful appear between the flowers various grasses of the Care species or Blauschwingel. A feast for the eyes is the dark mahogany grass, which stands out in addition to flowers such as yarrow, margarites or white petunias.

Between all these flowering plants feel the culinary herbs well. Put thyme, oregano and rosemary, as well as parsley, chervil and chives between the flowers.

These herbs bring with their Mediterranean fragrance a springlike flair on your balcony

balcony plants flowers planting kitchen herbs

Crops also thrive well in the tub

Fruit plants for garden and balcony are useful and look good , The larger fruit trees, however, need a spacious bucket of at least 40 to 50 liters. Today there is a large selection of apples, cherries and pears for the tub. You can also cultivate peaches, plums and mirabelles on a sunny balcony. The same applies to berry bushes. Choose a good container potting soil and get the optimal fertilizer for your fruit plants. Kiwi and strawberries can be pulled on attractive trellises.

Vegetables such as cucumbers, courgettes, beans and tomatoes can also be directed vertically and require little space. Of most vegetables, there are specially bred balcony varieties that can be easily grown in tubs and boxes. But even the most normal garden tomatoes thrive on a sunny and sheltered spot on your balcony when the planter is big enough.

Make a selection from the many possibilities and enjoy gardening on your balcony!

balcony plants flowers geranium palms

Small balconies can look especially cozy in this way

balcony plants flowers roses violets ivy


Design your very own garden on your own balcony!

balcony plants summer flowers petunia ivy


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