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Tips for great DIY decoration

Some people decorate a room and that’s it! Others, on the other hand, feel the need to do something new regularly. These always need replenishment of cheap DIY decoration ideas.

Did you recognize yourself in the description of the second group?

Then stay with us, because we have great new ideas and tips for you!

Little colorful things …

make your own deco craft ideas

Yes, yes, little colorful things! You read it right! Because everything that is small, colorful and beautiful in shape can be used for this purpose. Maybe you have small, bright balls with you. Maybe you would have some great colorful chocolates. Collect them in beautiful transparent vases, jars or other transparent containers. In the end, then these useful items would make great jewelry.

Color white bottles

crafting ideas deco diy diy decor yourself


Do you have many white bottles at home. Spice it up in different colored nuances. You can combine one or more shades in it. The different textures each have a different effect. Very great and original results would be achieved with nail polish.

Curtains with patterns

deco decoration yourself make diy decoration

More and more popular are decorative curtains. They consist of a strip and hang ropes with repeating patterns on it. The latter are mostly made of colored paper.

Figures from photos on the wall

diy decoration craft ideas deco deko make yourself

Your favorite photos could also be the basis for great wall decoration. From the pictures, some people make great characters. For example, the pictures can be represented in the form of a heart.


Deko Tips DIY Decorations Dekko Make yourself

In winter we need more light than in summer. Just by the presence of fairy lights it looks great in the ambience. Fairy lights are therefore a wonderful idea for the home. They can easily be hung on the wall. Fairy lights would also be a great way to spice up a beautiful mirror.

What do you think of their hanging on bed headboard in the bedroom?

Various fonts

Deco itself make craft ideas diy ideas

The mottos in life are changing. Write them on the wall and you would feel better about your change in your life. The way in which you present the leitmotifs of your life in the form of DIY decoration can be so different. Draw inspiration from the net and from our pictures below.

A light and fitting DIY deco for fall

make diy decoration yourself

Give the unused bottles a new life

make your own deco ideas diy decoration deco yourself

Make the colorful sweets a part of the decoration

decoration ideas decorating diy decor

Various cutlery in picture frames is an exuberant DIY decoration for the kitchen

diy decorating craft ideas deco decorating room

The empty nursery wall can be decorated with cute teddy bears

diy decoration craft ideas deco deko make yourself

The heart of cork stoppers makes the table atmosphere much more romantic

deco ideas diy deco craft ideas make deco itself

Turn the wall niche into an illuminated wish list corner

diy decoration deco ideas make deco itself


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