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DIY gift wrap with fresh green branches. With a guide!

The gift for Christmas should be something personal. The expensive commercial gifts are out of date. All trends show: Through homemade decoration and minimalism one wants to come back to the original ideas and values ​​of the festival. It’s best to make a gift yourself. But if that does not work or if you want to buy something special, at least the gift packaging should be personal. You can do it yourself and show that you have taken time for your beloved people. That is much more important than the money spent! In today’s article we have a guide for DIY jewelry for gift wrapping. Furthermore, we show you more great ideas of this kind!

Idea for materials for homemade decoration for gift wrapping

Material for DIY decoration

DIY gift wrap with green branches: instructions

The decoration of gift wrapping with green branches is timeless, upscale and at the same time very easy to realize. The instructions will show you how to make a small wreath step by step. The idea displayed belongs to an artist named Holley Simmons from Washington, USA.

It can be easily customized to your own taste. Find more great inspirations from this author in the online magazine Houzz ,

This is how gifts with self-made decoration could look like!

Gifts wrapped with green blanket

You need these materials!

You need the following materials to decorate the gift box:

  • Evergreen and berry branches (best collected in the park or in your own garden!),
  • Wire cutter,
  • Floral wire,
  • Grinding in a color of your choice.

Take time to cut off some small branches!

Beginning of the process of cutting green branches


Start by cutting small pieces off the evergreen branches first. Use either the wire cutter or another tool. They should not be too long – 5 to 7 cm are absolutely sufficient. For good results in the end, the different pieces should be about the same size.

Ideal equal-sized branch pieces for the DIY gift wrapping decoration

Pinning a green detail dIY deco

You should carefully layer the different pieces together. Carefully lay one on the other. This is illustrated very well in the picture above and in the next few pictures that follow.

Two pieces tied together for DIY decoration

Finished green detail Gift wrap

To tie the DIY deco for gift wrapping you need a wire!

Green design for gift wrapping from a different perspective

Cut about 30 cm from the flower wire. Now wrap it around the first two pieces. Release by 3 cm at the beginning of the wire. You should leave a small part of the second piece free from the wire. Then attach the third piece and wrap the wire around it again. Be careful when wrapping because there is a risk of breaking the green branches. It would be too bad the beautiful decoration! The following pictures illustrate this process.

Tie carefully so your decorative creation is not damaged!

Extension of the green home-made decoration

Release a piece of the wire and wrap it around!

Beginning of tying with a needle

Again, the linking of the DIY decoration is illustrated

Process of sewing the DIY christmas decoration

Here comes the third piece to the DIY Christmas decoration! Second small detail for the DIY decoration

The individual chains of 3 pieces must then tie together!

Attaching a thread DIY decoration

After you have finished with the first three pieces, then take another 3 and another, which is about 30 cm long. Continue the process. Use the wire to tie the evergreen branches together.

This is what an almost finished Christmas wreath looks like for decoration!

Finished Wreath DIY Christmas Decoration

Tie the decorative chains together in a wreath

Locking the wreath for the Christmas decoration

After you made a decorative wreath in the desired size, you should bring its two ends together. This part of the process is illustrated in the next pictures.

Completion of the wreath for the DIY gift wrapping

Tying together the DAY decoration for the gift wrapping

A nice wreath as a DIY decoration

Round wreath for gift wrapping

Now take the wire cutter in your hand. This will allow you to cut out the excess wire. In addition, remove the overhanging ends of the fir tree branches. How to achieve a result like in the pictures.

Cutting off the wire and too long ends of the fir tree branch

Cutting off the ends of the wreath for the DIY decoration

Finally, you should attach the loop to the wreath. Use another piece of wire for this. Alternatively, you can use needle and thread for the same purpose. Already have a decorative piece ready for the first gift wrap! Now you can move on to the other one!

And so attach the ribbon to the wreath of the Christmas present

Green wreath and pink bow

Attach the pink ribbon to the Advent wreath

Process of finishing the DIY deco with pink ribbon

Last step with pink ribbon DIY gift wrap

Simple decoration with the right symbols

This example shows how easy Christmas gift wrapping and decoration can be in general. The wreath and the ribbon in festive color are enough to spread the desired mood. You can also achieve similar effects with many other simple ideas. Just stick to the right colors and symbols that most people consciously and unconsciously associate with the Christian festival.

21 Finished green wreath with a pink bow

This simple procedure has at least two huge advantages. On the one hand, minimalist ideas are wonderfully incorporated into modern design. In addition, they save you time and you can enjoy the great results longer.

Also take a look at our other inspirations for DIY deco for gift packaging!

Other ideas for DIY gift wrapping with green branches

beige rough packaging with green branches

Brown wrapping paper with DIY decoration

linen bag idea gift wrapping decoration

Acorns are often combined with green branches for decoration of Christmas presents

The egg white rustic gift wrap with acorns

DIY gift wrap in beige, green and white

DIY gift wrap checkered

Stylish and very stylish DIY deco for gift

Green branches are ideal decoration for stylish gift packaging in black and white

Green decoration for black and white gift wrap

Green ribbon with imitation of leaves

Minimalist DIY decoration with green branch

Rustic gift wrap with a green branch

Artificial green is also an option for gift wrapping

Rustic gift wrap with green branches

Black gift wrap with green branch


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